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Review | Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

The Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat provides dual surfaces to adapt to your play style.

The Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat provides dual surfaces to adapt to your play style.

The second Corsair Gaming product we’ll review is a dual-sided mouse mat.


This mat, the Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat, features a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum build, making it quite solid. On each of the four corners of the mat are rubberized grips, which keep the surface you have face down off of the table. These grips also prevent the mat from slipping during intense gaming sessions.

The mat’s two sides come in high-quality polymer surfaces that are engineered to support two different play experiences. One side features a heavy-texture finish to maximize your handling. The other side features a smooth, glide skin. Both sides feature microscopic variances in the build to grant a high degree of accuracy with laser gaming mice.


I tested the Corsair MM600 Double-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat in a variety of situations, from a desk to a couch, and even a couple of times in more private rooms. The table provided the best, most stable support for the mat, obviously, however I was surprised with the ease of utilizing it on a couch. As I tend to game quite a bit on a laptop, I had gotten used to utilizing the trackpad for mouse controls. With this mat, however, I no longer had to.

On the couch (and in the more private rooms), I simply had to prop one end of the mat on the laptop itself and the other end on the couch’s armrest. This provided a sturdy surface for the mouse I utilized and allowed me to play games with a bit more accuracy than I am used to in similar situations.

To be honest, I utilized the smooth side of the mat more than the rougher side, but I was pleased with the result. Utilizing this side gave me the speed I needed in games like League of Legends while still allowing me to quickly stop and adjust my path if things turned south.

The rough side did seem to provide a bit more control, but it just felt off to me. This could be because I am so used to smooth mouse surfaces (especially considering I have the habit of brushing my hand or a part of my arm against the surface as I move the mouse), so I’m not going to count off the score simply because it is personal preference.

Honestly, the only issue some may have is the sheer size of the mat. I had a bit of trouble finding room on the desk for it, and others, if they have similar sized surfaces, may encounter the same issue.

Final Score: 4.75/5


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