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Madow: Sheep Happens arrives on October 30

by on October 27, 2014
Madow: Sheep Happens arrives on iOS this week.

Madow: Sheep Happens arrives on iOS this week.

On October 30, 2014, Apple iOS device users will have the chance to become the best shepherd of all time. You will need to get the bloody sheep safely down the mountain in a mix of fast-paced arcade action, quick reflex one touch controls, and outrageous humor.

The developers, The Red One, warn that Madow: Sheep Happens is not recommended for pregnant women or people with a pacemaker. They caution, “don’t be fooled with the soothing music and calm nature!”

The Red One lists the following features of the game:

• Chaotic, Hilarious, cRaZy!
• Challenge your friends!
• Lovingly crafted graphics, looks especially gorgeous on your new iPad/iPhone 6 retina displays
• Relaxing orchestrated music, or:
• Play your own iPod music during game play
• Personal high scores
• Global high score leader boards

Will you be able to get your sheep off the mountain, or will they fall on the journey?

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