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DriveClub Owners Deserve a Refund And an Apology

DriveClub Owners Deserve a Refund And a Apology

DriveClub Owners Deserve a Refund And an Apology

DriveClub’s launch will remain in the history as one the most troublesome launch we’ve ever seen on a next-gen consoles. But, why? If you don’t already know this, you are most likely living under a rock, or not really that into racing games. So, let me take you back a few months, maybe years in time so we can make things clear. When DriveClub was announced, the game was supposed to be a launch title for PlayStation 4, but it wasn’t. Not only that the game missed its original release date, but it was also supposed to be released as a  free title for those with an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Delaying the game for an entire year was surprising, but maybe the developer felt that they needed a bit more time with the game. With only a few months before the game’s release, we also found out that the game is not free, as the PlayStation Plus version of DriveClub is limited (similar with a demo), only giving you a few cars and tracks to venture on. The developer broke their promises twice, but we weren’t upset, and we were still waiting for the game to finally pop up and amaze us.

We received DriveClub with our hearts opened, but the game only managed to disappoint us. Let me be clear on something, the game’s single player mode is excellent, and there are only a few complaints I can think of regarding it. But DriveClub’s biggest issues lies within the lack of multiplayer. The game was intended to be a multiplayer driven title, hence its name “DriveClub”. Every player has to join a club, and progress in the game alongside with their friends.

From day one the game’s servers were broken, and they still are to this day — with almost two-week after DriveClub was out. We don’t really know what happened behind closed doors, or what is behind the terrible server performance, but one thing is clear: nobody can play DriveClub as it was intended, online. The servers were completely off in the first few days, but after some updates, a few players managed to log in and play online, but not without constant waves of crashes. The game was and still is simply unplayable online, and at this point we’re kind expecting for it not to be fixed a long time from now.

It’s beyond our understanding how an entire developer team couldn’t manage to fix the game’s servers in this insanely big time frame. and that’s a problem that only affects the customer. Frankly, anyone who bought DriveClub, either digital or retail, is entitled to a full refund and a set of apologies. It’s not acceptable in 2014 to have such insanely huge issues with online play, and even if problems do occur, they should be fixed as soon as possible — not in weeks, or months.

Frankly, my trust in this developer has been diminished to the point that I won’t be buying their next game (if there will ever be a next one), since we can’t really know if it will WORK or not. We should cross a line, and ask for what we deserve: our money back!



  • Dirk October 26, 2014 at 1:37 PM

    This reminds me of the launch of the XB1 last year. The main difference though is the XB1 problems were all management related and in the case of DriveClub I suspect that management along with the technical issues are the problem.

  • TooMuchSun October 26, 2014 at 1:55 PM

    I don’t know if anyone deserve a refund. Gamers lost a few weeks of multiplayer and that’s annoying.
    Online play in the game was broken so they repaired it.
    If your PC is broken they repair it or give you a refund IF it can’t be repaired.
    Driveclub was repaired.

  • Microsft_fanboy October 26, 2014 at 5:54 PM

    Man people these days bitch and moan about everything. Every game is a broken POS nowadays. Just look at the Evil With In. The performance is horrible straight out he disc. And then how big is the update? And it still runs like shit? And how about Halo MCC, 20GB download to complete the game? WTF! and the system (as so called next gen system) cant even run Halo 2 Anniversary Edition at 1080p instaed its at some oddball res that is even lower than 900p. And i dont wanna hear noe crap from fanboys about how res doesnt matter (liars!). Or Alien Isolation with its constant engine stuttering? Making the framerate drop unneccassarily more often, while that get fixed? Or how about how they couldnt even fix/put in anisotropic filtering on Strider or Thief. Or how if Digital Foundry hadnt caught the rendering issue in Diable on PS4, it probably would have released in that state. Same thing with Destiny and UFC. The point is, all these games are crap and unifinished and have problems. And there solution is to just patch it and eat up all your hard drive space like its nothing. And them only giving you these tiny little 500GB HDDs. Both systems still have problems like a mofo, between crashing and glitching and all sorts of bugs. So DC doesnt stand out as dramatically different to me. Just it seems it the game you decided to focus on. Whats funny is its online features are stupid and superficial and dont really matter to the game. oh i know you all believe that it, cuz you all believe all the bullcrap that they feed you. But the meat of the game is offline.

  • YOUDIEMOFO October 26, 2014 at 6:02 PM

    This is exactly why I have sworn off pe-orders and day one purchases all together. I used to always ensure I had the game ordered, so as I could “play” day one, but this is not the story today.

    Unfortunate that this stuff even has to talked about…….!

  • Michael "TrickyMIc" Miller October 26, 2014 at 8:55 PM

    Driveclub was never free for Playstation Plus members. From Day 1, they have always said “PS Plus Edition.” We didnt find out til later what that meant. Also you can fully play the game (even get the plat) with the “Plus Edition” so technically, it is free, but limited

  • Brian October 27, 2014 at 1:59 AM

    Here’s an idea, don’t buy brand new games if you aren’t sure about them. Driveclub will eventually be fixed.

  • . October 27, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    The game is a total blast to play. It’s sense of speed in unparalleled, and it’s drop dead gorgeous. After the first week, I’ve had zero problems getting into online races. It was a troubled roll out, but the game itself is great (notice how you didn’t have any criticism about the actual GAME, just bitching about the online not working…which it now is). You sound like a 9 year old throwing a tantrum. It’s a video game, it had issues at launch, it works now. Period.

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