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access_time October 22, 2014 at 4:13 AM in Features by Robert Craciun

Obvious Destiny Improvements That Bungie Ignores

It’s been over a month since Destiny was launched and the way Bungie looks to improve the game leaves a shallow taste on gamers’ tongues. Yes, they have been addressing all the bugs, glitches, loot caves, sneaky vendors and overpowered weapons, but Destiny needs major changes, it needs to be heavily improved. We’re all aware that this has been said over and over again, but the interesting part is that these changes are incredibly obvious and easy to put together. So why isn’t Bungie addressing them?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the Crucible award system. I understand that the game, with its “flawless” RNG, looks to reward even the worst players in the team in order to make them come back to playing competitive matches, even though they totally suck. But the moment you promote such behaviour and neglect the top players, is bitter and disgraceful. Scoring a flawless 6 kill/death ratio (which, if you’re a Destiny player, know that is pretty hard to come by) while dragging the team (who has a K/D rate lower than 1) to victory and then, at the reward screen at the end of the match, see that almost everyone got their prizes except for you, makes you want to tweet Bungie the way Mike Maulbeck tweeted Gabe Newell earlier this week.

I once witnessed how some guy who entered the match at the very end of it (it was literally the last 10 seconds) received an exotic weapon. And me, the guy sitting at the top of the board? Nada. This needs to change, asap. The only thing to do is for Bungie to increase the rate of finding legendary/exotic gear for the top players, or at least reward them materials for upgrading their current gear. Which takes me to the other issue.

The different pieces of gear that you stumble upon while playing are useless when you reach a certain point. Most of the players have already found their perfect legendary and exotic gear so, even if they find others, they’re just junk or material sources. Being able to wield just one exotic at a time is probably the dumbest and most meaningless move I’ve seen in a game. Thousands of players are complaining about it. I currently have in my inventory a badass rocket launcher and the most badass sniper in the game, both exotic. But I can’t use them because of my exotic assault rifle. Because Bungie sometimes gives you exquisite rewards that you can’t actually use. And this problem spreads higher than this because it makes players not want to play the game anymore.

It makes Xur and special events meaningless. Why bother competing in the Iron Banner, the Trials of Osiris or the Queen’s Bounty if the rewards you get from these events will turn up to be unusable? They don’t bring unique gameplay mechanics, or even new maps, areas or locations. They feel shallow and they have no appeal at all. The only thing you get by wasting so many hours in them is (and this, only if you’re lucky) a useless legendary weapon, or worse: an exotic one which you can’t equip.

If you look at Diablo III, the one thing that makes people play so much is the hope that they’ll get that legendary set they’ve been dreaming. But Destiny doesn’t motivate you. It doesn’t make you want to do things. Destiny is your parents who give you birthday and Christmas presents when you’re little, but then stop caring at all once you grow up. And that’s when the fun should actually start. Unfortunately, this is when it stops. And all Bungie has to do is simply tweak the reward system and think of its exotic gear as parts of a set, and not single pieces. Let people wear as many exotic armour pieces as they want and change their characteristics so they’ll grant awesome bonuses and special powers if combined as a set. A solution so simple, yet so effective. And so disturbingly ignored by the devs.

The changes don’t stop here. You can see how easy it is to improve the game by checking this reddit user’s fan-made UI. From in-game showcasing of grimoire cards, to quick weapon change and fast usage of ammo synthesis, it’s all there. A Bungie representative has already seen it in the game’s forum, so hope is not lost. Maybe they’ll consider it, or maybe not. The certain thing is that Bungie should snap out of it and look at the bigger picture. An online game of this caliber needs to stay responsive to its community, otherwise it will fall into a vortex of monotony and boring grinding for things that you can’t use. When the multiplayer doesn’t reward you and the items received turn up to be unusable, what’s left?


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