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Review | TRI

tri 2Today we’ll be looking at a rather unique title created by the folks over at Rat King Entertainment. This title, known as TRI, decides to forego the violence that so many games focus on these days, instead simply asking the gamer to use his or her brain to figure out how to collect some fox statues.

It sounds easy enough, however the statues tend to be in areas that you cannot reach simply by walking. This is where your powers gained in the Realm of the Odd Gods come in handy. You will be able to utilize your powers to create platforms, walk on walls, and even reflect light. You will need all of these powers to successfully get through the game.

Refract light to solve some puzzles.

Refract light to solve some puzzles.

TRI only teaches you the absolute basics behind puzzle solving before it sets you free to locate the necessary items. Once you are free, you will encounter puzzles ranging from simple to complex. One simple puzzle involves you entering a completely bare room that has one other doorway located high above you. In this example, you will need to utilize your powers to create platforms out of triangles. Because they must be triangles, they require three points, each of which must touch something (such as a wall or another triangle). There is a limit to how far you can stretch your triangles as well. Working within these rules, you will be able to create several triangular platforms and walk up to the door in question.

As you advance in the game, you acquire more skills. Of course, with more skills come more rules so that your powers are always balanced. That said, you shouldn’t ever feel like you can’t cope with any of the game’s situations. It may take a few attempts, but since you can control so many aspects of the puzzles, you can arrive at a solution that other players may not have considered.

The atmosphere of the game is inviting, and the Odd Gods live up to their titles. Normal gods, after all, certainly wouldn’t put such crazy rooms in a temple… would they?

The only real issue I had with TRI was triangle creation, and even this occurred rarely. Sometimes I would be trying to make a triangle to utilize as a platform, however the third point wouldn’t appear when I clicked. Unfortunately, in these cases, I had to go back over the other two points and remove them, then attempt to create the triangle from scratch. This singular issue only occurred a few times, and it never happened twice in a row, however, so it is really only a minor complaint.

Overall, TRI is quite fun. If you enjoy games like Portal, or you’re just looking for something different to play after all the violent titles, you’ll definitely want to check out TRI.

Final Score: 4.5/5


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