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access_time October 9, 2014 at 3:32 AM in Microsoft by Călin Constantinescu

A 5th Loot Chest Has Been Discovered in Destiny’s Raid. Here’s How to Find It.


The secret behind the mysterious 5th loot chest from Destiny’s Vault of Glass Raid has finally been discovered.

Over a week ago a video had surfaced claiming to show to 5th loot chest in Vault of Glass. But there was no actual video footage of said chest, just a picture, which many thought was photoshopped because they couldn’t find the chest in the exact same location.

Apparently, that video was not fake. Another youtuber has discovered the condition in which the chest spawns. In order to make the chest appear you need to stop the Templar from teleporting during the boss fight with him. You can do this by having one person sitting in the circle which indicates his next spawn location. After defeting him you go through a secret passageway and will find the loot chest. For more details about finding it view the video below (Thanks to Arekkz Gaming!):

Source: YouTube


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