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Phantasmal closes in on Kickstarter goal


Phantasmal is closing in on its Kickstarter goal, and so Eyemobie has officially announced the title today.

For those who haven’t been following the Kickstarter, Phantasmal is a title inspired by old-school survival horror classics. It features a randomly generated world, thus ensuring that no two experiences will ever be the same and allowing for almost infinite replayability. Phantasmal challenges you to be stealthy, resourceful, and quick-witted rather than face the creatures head on, as they will drain your sanity.

Joe Chang, the game’s Lead Developer, stated, “Phantasmal creates its horror atmosphere by being different and unpredictable every
time you play. The derelict university corridors, the Shunned Ones themselves, the weapons you scavenge — all are different each time you play. A great horror game is one where you never feel like you’re in control. By procedurally generating the key content, we’re creating a constant atmosphere  of dread without resorting to cheap jump-scares.”

Phantasmal recently took first prize in the New Zealand Game Developer Association’s KiwiGameStarter competition. Dave Brevik, the creator of the classic Diablo action role-playing games was one of the judges on the award panel.

If Phantasmal interests you, you can support the game on their Kickstarter campaign and by upvoting it on Steam Greenlight.

Can you make it through the world of Phantasmal alive? How long will it take for your sanity to run out completely?


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