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Black the Fall goes live on Kickstarter

New Kickstarter project Black the Fall seeks help.

New Kickstarter project Black the Fall seeks help.

Black the Fall goes live on Kickstarter. Black the Fall takes place in a communist industrial world, placing you in the role of an amnesiac named Black. As Black, you will need to explore, solve various puzzles, and decide on the best way to deal with the strange, hungry things that live in the area.

Black the Fall is a 2.75D game that has been inspired by Amiga classics such as Flashback and Another World. The game is all about choice, allowing you to decide whether it would be best to confront your challenges with violence or simply stay hidden from the threatening marauders. This makes the game, according to the developers, “an intriguing mix like a movie made by Tarkovski, Tarantino, and Rodriguez.” They go on to state, “Our intention for Black the Fall is to craft a one-of-a-kind sidescrolling action game that mixes combat with stealth and puzzle elements. But as much as that we want to create something cool, an emotional journey through a fresh landscape in games.”

Black the Fall has the following features, according to the official Kickstarter page:

A paranoid world: The wheels of industry have fallen silent, an iron grip tightens. Everyone you meet is a potential enemy, an informer, a criminal.
A tailored experience: Our unique stealth & combat system fits your personal style of playing.
An unexpected challenge: Deadly riddles lay in wait for the unwary. Think twice before you act – or shoot your way out, but every action has consequences…
2.75D: It’s like a 2.5D sidescroller but the camera doesn’t film you just form the side. We’re using the camera cinema style. We’re closing in, moving out, filming from 3 quarters, from bellow. We do all that to build a special relation between the player and his avatar. We’re really ambitious about it too. We really want to give players an emotional ride.

Will you be supporting this unique title?


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