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access_time September 30, 2014 at 9:00 AM in Features by Steve Masters

An Interview with Ranan Lachman from Pley the Rental Service for LEGO


Steve – How did you get the idea for this cool company?

Ranan – The idea for Pley started a year ago when I realized I spent more than $3000 for my son’s Legos. I thought of a way that kids could enjoy the #1 toy in the world without spending too much money. Pley started with the notion of a kind of Netflix for Legos. We’ll bring unlimited Lego sets to builders for a much more affordable price.

Steve – How did it get started? Do you have a deal with Lego?

Ranan – We purchase all our sets from multiple sources.  We buy sets from around $400 and also average sets from $40 or $150. Users come to Pley.com, pick plan and get unlimited sets very much like Netflix. There is a catalog of 300+ sets. They play with it as much as they want and return it, then the next set comes in the mail, with free shipping, and we put in extra stuff to have even more fun. Keep the set as long as you want, put it back in the same box, ship, and get new one in mail.


Steve – How much a month?

Ranan – Our plans range from $15 a month to $39 a month depending on the size of sets you want. Lego is educational we have customers from 75 to 4 yrs old. Amazing products!  Takes seconds to start building.   We also try to encourage kids to try to make different sets try to do more with it. In our website we provide videos of what other kids have created.  For instance, you get a Star Wars set, but someone else builds a submarine with the exactly same pieces.

Steve – Do you have to take all the pieces apart one by one and sent back to you guys?

Ranan – Separating is not the fun part, or easiest thing,  so we include a separator. Most of the sets have to be separated.

Steve – What if someone loses some pieces?

Ranan – We know people and kids lose pieces we don’t charge for missing pieces until you reach a maximum of 15 pieces. We can figure out missing pieces by the weight and new users of that set will get all the pieces included we calculate very accurately.

Steve – What’s the website?

Ranan – It’s www.pley.com


Steve – Is this a worldwide company or only in US?

Ranan – We’re currently only shipping in the US,  but we are planning to expand to Europe beginning next year.

Steve – Does Lego know about you guys? Are they happy with what you’re doing?

Ranan – Were an independent company, Lego does know about us.  We met with the Lego executives.  I think they see it as an interesting innovation. We did research with our members and asked how many times they played before. What we noticed is that we are increasing the brand awareness with kids by 40% so that’s positive for Lego overall.  Parents will find that their dollar will go much further when you rent a toy rather than buy a toy. We also found that a family spends about 8 thousands dollars on toys for their kids. 50% of those toys break and become unusable within a month. You are much better off renting a toy, using it for a month,  and then returning it. It reduces a lot of clutter as well.

Steve – Definitely! It absolutely makes sense in a lot of different ways. Good luck with Pley.com. It’s a great idea! Thanks for spending time with us here on GotGame.com.

Ranan – Thank you very much for this interview!


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