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access_time September 25, 2014 at 3:11 AM in Features by Robert Craciun

Destiny’s Greatest Flaws Are Fixable By Updates

It’s been two weeks since the launch of one of this year’s most awaited games, Destiny, and it’s safe to say that it was a troubled launch. Whether you hate it or love it (as far as I see, there’s little room for common ground), Destiny has some both minor and major flaws. But if we take a close look at what those flaws are, we could assume that it shouldn’t take long for Bungie to get rid of them, as most of those flaws are fixable with just an update or two.

Following no particular order, the first such flaw is the connectivity issue. A large number of players have experienced disconnections that either pull them out of that difficult strike that they’re about to beat and bring them to the start screen, or just launches them back into orbit while in the middle of a Crucible fight or shopping-spree in the Tower. This is pretty infuriating when it happens in a crucial moment or when it happens multiple times in the same session. And loss of connectivity is not the only thing, players have also experienced lag, most noticeable in the Crucible. And it’s not always from you. I once tried to kill an enemy guardian that had a very lag-ish behaviour and it took me five melee hits to just take his shield down. And by that moment I was already dead because, somehow, he hit me in the face and it took about 6-7 seconds for the game to process that kill. And this only happened for that player only, fighting others was going ok. So it’s a pretty major flaw from where I’m standing, but it is easily fixed via an update. Bungie should look into this, asap.

Another dent in Destiny’s armor is the lack of diverse content, and this is also a very fixable issue. I’ve been playing a lot since the launch, and my level 28 Hunter has already seen 90% of what’s to see. I’m not talking about missions, locations and explorable territory, that was exploited a long time ago, but I’m talking about weapons and armor. The best weapons in the game had already been found and that also applies to pieces of wearable equipment. Whether it’s legendary or exotic gear, they don’t come in such a large number players expected and this kills that feeling of uniqueness you normally get in such a massive game. And, again, this is fixable with just an update that should fill the game with more diverse weapons and pieces of armor in order to increase the gap between characters and players differences.

Bungie also needs to fix Destiny’s bugs. The game world is filled with annoying little bugs and glitches, from “white-hat” bugs that allow players to farm, grind and take shortcuts to the impossible-to-level-up bug which makes you look for materials that do not exist and keeps hunters from leveling up their characters. These glitches are probably the most fixable problem of the game, but at the same time, the most annoying one as well. So please Bungie, do look into it so I can level up further and not get stuck at level 28.

The game could also use some new gameplay mechanics. I find very frustrating that I cannot replace my Void damage sniper with my Solar damage shotgun without going into the inventory, change them, and go back into the action, and if this involves switching exotics as well, it doubles the time needed to complete the process. Not only that this throws you off your balance and make you lose the rhythm of the fight, it may also get you killed. So Bungie should implement some sort of quick weapon change that involves switching to another weapon of the same category. Unfortunately, I don’t know if this could be made through releasing an update, but it would be great if so.

There are more flaws to Destiny that could simply be patched, from the loot system to the bounties system, but the game looks a lot like Diablo III from the development point of view. Diablo lacked so much content and had so many problems at its launch that it took an awful lot of patches, updates and changes to the game in order to make it shine. It looks like Destiny has the same kind of launch quality, it’s fun and addictive but has a large number of flaws that come with it. But, just like Diablo III, it takes constant patching, updating and “leaf-trimming” to make it live up to its full potential, it needs to be in a continuous evolution and shapeshifting. Bungie should learn from Blizzard (they’re not far from each other anyway) and accelerate this process; people may lose their patience soon.


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