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Kotaku Said Destiny is Boring Five Months Ago, But Nobody Believed Them


Kotaku Said Destiny is Boring Five Months Ago, But Nobody Believed Them

Destiny managed to split gamers into two sides, the ones that hate it and the ones that love it. Both sides have their reasons behind all of this, and for the first time since Xbox vs. PlayStation, those reasons are justified. No matter how much fun Destiny is with friends, and in PVP matches, the numerous amount of hours spent grinding and killing the same times of enemies makes it boring.

Some will agree with me, some won’t. I’m sure there are a lot of people who love the grind, and the countless hours spent just to get another legendary item. But there’s also a decent amount of gamers who said pass to this game. But I have to give the Destiny’s marketing department credit, they did a hell of a job. The way they promoted the game made you want to play it, no matter how it actually was delivered. Don’t get me wrong, Destiny is not in any way or form bad… it’s just mediocre, and mostly nothing I’ve expected from the game.

But there were early signs that the game will not be as good as you thought. The best example is Kotaku’s preview of the game, which classified the game as “kind of boring”. If you read the article from start to finish, you’ll more than likely agree with the writer. But five months ago, when they published it, nobody believed them. The hype that was behind Destiny was unbelievably high, and I dare to say that not many games will benefit from that.

Now that Destiny is out, and most of you already played it, was Kotaku right with their statement? Sure, previews and reviews are believable to some certain extent, because those articles are mostly the author’s opinion. Despite the fact that they should be spot on, they are still based on the reviewer’s preference. So, is Destiny what you wanted it to be? Or just another Watch Dogs.


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