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access_time September 22, 2014 at 5:59 AM in News by Robert Craciun

Destiny Bug Makes It Impossible For Players To Level Up And How To Avoid It

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Destiny Bug Makes It Impossible For Players To Level Up And How To Avoid It

Some players in Destiny may find it impossible for them to level up past a certain point because of a bugged material, needed for upgrading legendary armor (which increases the Light level and thus increasing the character’s level).

I’m talking about Ascendant Motes. Luckily, this only affects Hunters who bought armor from the Future War Cult faction. It appears that, in order to upgrade the respective pieces of armor, you need Ascendant Motes. No, not Shards, but Motes. Nobody found such materials so they were thought as being extremely rare.

But a Bungie dev confirmed on reddit that this is actually a bug in the system and there are no such things as Ascendant Motes. So until Bungie releases a patch to fix this, those with FWC armor are unable to level up their characters. If you are reading this and are still at low level Hunter – don’t buy armor from the Future War Cult vendor! Chances are you will get a bugged piece and will have to wait for Bungie to fix it.

So for those unlucky Hunters with FWC armor (that includes me): don’t lose hope. Bungie is on it and we can soon take our characters to the next level.


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