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Ryse Son of Rome PC Preview


Ryse Son of Rome PC Preview

This summer, Microsoft’s Xbox One lost two of its most important exclusive titles. The first one was Dead Rising 3, a quite awful port of the game with numerous in-game issues especially for nVidia video cards owners, and the second one is Ryse Son of Rome. While Crytek’s port of Ryse is not yet released, the developer sent us a preview (beta) copy of the game.

The demo only unlocks two of the game’s chapters, the first and the fourth one. And that was more than enough for us to make a first impression of the game. Ryse was excellent on Xbox One, but the PC version seems to be taking it to a whole other level. It’s fluent, it’s beautiful, and it works perfectly on a medium range PC build almost two years ago.

Since Dead Rising 3 was a disappointing port, we were expecting for Ryse Son of Rome to follow its lead. But Crytek managed to surprise us with a mind-blowing PC version. While we weren’t allowed to run benchmarks on the game, as the beta version is not final and does not reflect the end product, we didn’t have any problems of any kind with it.

The PC version seems to be a more complete experience, the framerate is buttery smooth and the visuals uncover some incredible details you can’t really spot on the Xbox One version. If you have both a capable PC, and the next-gen console, it stands to reason what version you should be buying.

If this game was the only reason you would have picked up an Xbox One, you just saved yourself a lot of money. You’ll more than likely manage to run this game smoothly on a decent PC, and still have the same awesome experience.

And for those familiar with controllers, don’t worry! Cytek made an awesome job mapping the buttons for the keyboard and mouse in order for anyone to get adjust in a matter of seconds. The layout is pretty simple and straightforward, and since it’s not a shooter you won’t have issues aiming. Of course, if the mouse and keyboard don’t seem like a good combination, you can easily plug in a controller and use it in Ryse.

Since most console ports are poorly executed, we were happy to finally see one that raises to our standards. We sure hope that the final product will be exactly the same, if not even better. In case you don’t believe us, we also recorded our full experience with the game’s demo — and you can watch it below and be the judge for yourself!

Ryse Son of Rome will be releasing on October 10, 2014 for every PC gamer out there!





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