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access_time September 18, 2014 at 6:31 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

PlayStation Plus Battles: NA vs. EU (week of 9-18-14)

Murasaki Baby receives PlayStation Plus discount on EU store.

Murasaki Baby receives PlayStation Plus discount on EU store.

The battles rage on as the EU and North America continue to duke it out for sky dominance. We weren’t able to cover the battle last week, however this week both sides are sure to give it everything that they have in order to take down their opponent and claim the sky victory.

First off is the EU, who sends in two powerful strikers. These strikers are none other than Murasaki Baby (20% off for PlayStation Plus members until September 24) and Flockers (25% off for PlayStation Plus members until October 15). The EU is confident that these two powerful strikers will be able to shoot down any resistance that North America may offer in response, but are they correct? We’ll find out as NA preps their own forces, and you can find the full EU update here.

North America sends out their countering force, aiming to not only swat down the EU’s two strikers, but take out the carrier that housed them as well. To this end, they send out Alien Breed (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. Regular: $9.99, Sale: $6.99, PlayStation Plus: $6.29), Run Like Hell (Vita. Regular: $4.99, PlayStation Plus: $4.49) to take down the two strikers sent by the EU. These two strikers are successful, however the EU units take them down as well. North America isn’t bothered, however, as they send out 30 more strikers to attack and destroy the aircraft carrier that the EU had sent in, led by Lone Survivor (PlayStation 3 and Vita. Regular: $12.99, Sale: $6.49, PlayStation Plus: $3.89). The full list of units sent in can be found on the NA update page.

Once again North America claims a victory through sheer numbers, wiping out the EU’s few, though elite, units and proceeding to expand their territory. At this rate, can the EU do anything to make a comeback? Or will they be doomed to lose the sky as well? We’ll find out next week, but for now, happy gaming!


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