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Pixel Worm announces flagship title EMILY

by on September 17, 2014


Pixel Worm was proud to announce their flagship title EMILY, a hand-animated 2D action platformer that features an emphasis on open exploration. The game, which is set in a futuristic, decayed world, follows a genetically enhanced teenager who struggles to hang on to her humanity and save her beloved father.

The game, currently being developed for PC, is anticipated to arrive on Steam before heading to any other platforms. EMILY features an unexpected storyline brimming with memorable characters, “Larger-than-life boss battles”, gorgeous art, integrated controller support, and engaging Metroidvania style gameplay.

EMILY, which you can find on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, is professionally hand-drawn and animated. It incorporates talent from veteran illustrators such as Mark Ferrari, who has worked on the classic game The Secret of Monkey Island. The game’s brightly colored, animated characters tend to provide a unique contrast to the beautifully illustrated and dismal landscape.


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