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access_time September 15, 2014 at 4:50 PM in Microsoft by David Poole

Destiny Raids to begin tomorrow morning!


Mark the date Guardians, the Vault of Glass is opening on Venus and experienced players will be able to begin their Raids tomorrow morning, 2:00AM PST to be exact.  September 16th marks a special day for the future of this franchise, as players will take on the challenges that Bungie has to offer in what will surely be a test of utmost skill.  Bungie says that raids aren’t designed to be done in one sitting and may take a long time for players to finish.  Because of this, they will allow fireteam squads to save their progress for up to a week, based on the fireteam leader selected.  This means that if you’ll want to finish the Raid, you’ll have to communicate with your team to plan a timeframe.

Speaking of communication, this is key to finishing a Raid, as you can’t just jump in and do your own thing.  You’ll want to maximize your equipment and make a strong balance for your squad, which hopefully, by the time you reach the required level 26, you’ll have managed to find some nice Legendary or Exotic gear to select from.  Players that finish the Raid will be invited to make an attempt at hard mode, which will surely be even more challenging.  Bungie will be watching player progress and plans to celebrate the first Raid victory of the game, though how that will happen remains to be unseen.  So, will you be taking on the Raid?

Source: Bungie


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