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access_time September 12, 2014 at 8:49 AM in Features by Tyler Colp

These Destiny ‘secrets’ and glitches will help the game

Whenever a new game comes out, there’s always the people looking to break it.

While there’s certainly a degree of rebelliousness to every glitch video, there’s also a lot of interesting insight into how games are made. From a practical point-of-view, this knowledge usually leads to more intricate speed runs. But it also lets us see the (usually) necessary shortcuts a developer has to make to create the massive games we play these days.

Destiny is one of these giant games intended for millions of people. Heck, it made Activision’s $500 million investment back in a day. Tons of people are playing it and that means nobody can stop the game from revealing some of its secrets.

The description has received a lot of criticism lately, but Destiny’s MMO-ness means people are going to have a lot of time to experiment in its world. As a World of Warcraft player, I can tell you with confidence that you’re going to find yourself jumping around and performing weird actions while you wait for your friends to come online. That, combined with the ease of streaming, taking video, and taking screenshots with the new consoles, means that information is going to spread.

Let’s hope that Bungie is on top of it though. If people consistently find game-breaking things in Destiny, the controversy might compete with Battlefield 4. In a game where you can fight each other, nobody wants some guy to be able to murder you through some weird network glitch.

But at the same time, some glitches are what gives the game some of its personality. There’s a group of people who are actually worried about glitches being removed from the Halo remakes coming later this year. Games are a series of systems that interact with each other. At the end of the day, sometimes funky stuff is going to happen, and you have to accept that. What would Skyrim be without it’s wild bugs? A considerably less exciting game probably.

Glitches add inconsistency to the game. And as long as its mostly harmless, it becomes a quantifiable part of the experience. Look at the success of roguelikes and survival games. These games embrace randomness and the gaming audience has fallen in love with them. Now, we’re seeing these design philosophies drip into other genres. Glitches aren’t going away.

Whether Bungie likes it or not, the many glitches of Destiny make it a more interesting game. So, go break it.

Featured image: iowagaming / YouTube


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