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League of Legends Ascension mode goes live

lol ascension

As summoners continue to battle it out, the new League of Legends Ascension mode goes live.

In this mode, the sands of Shurima have shifted the Crystal Scar, thus rendering the outer circle of the map completely impassable. You’ll be forced to utilize the Golden Transcendence trinket in order to teleport into the fray, where the victorious team is the first to reach the goal of 200 points. You will earn one point for kills, three points for capturing one of the three Shurima relics, five for destroying an Ascended, and double points for every kill you get while Ascended.

You can claim Ascension by taking down the powerful Ancient Ascendant Xerath, who can be found in the middle of the map. This isn’t a feat that should be attempted solo, however, as one’s whole team will need to assist in the battle if you hope to win and claim his powerful buff.

When you have defeated Xerath, you will gain several perks, including bonus health, infinite mana, increased AD and AP, cooldown reduction, and increased armor and magic penetration. You’ll need to be careful once you have the buff, however, as your healing and regeneration effects are halved and the opposing team will always be able to see you.

The mighty Xerath will respawn shortly after the Ascendend champion falls, allowing a new champion to take on the buff (assuming they can defeat Xerath, of course).

If you manage to earn one, three, or five victories in this new mode, you will be able to gain exclusive Shurima icons that show off your battle prowess. In addition, you can earn one final icon by taking on the Perfect Ascension challenge. In this challenge, your team must claim victory, earning the Ascension buff at least once and never allowing your foes to hold the buff.

Can you rise to the challenge of Ascension?


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