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access_time September 9, 2014 at 12:22 PM in Mobile by Charlie Grammer

Rebellion announced as partner developer on Apple’s Metal technology

Could Apple's Metal technology truly push the limits of mobile gaming as expected?

Could Apple’s Metal technology truly push the limits of mobile gaming as expected?

During the keynote today, the independent UK game developer Rebellion was announced as a partner developer on Apple’s Metal technology.

Rebellion is best known for their chart-topping PC and console titles, such as Sniper Elite 3 and Aliens vs. Predator. They have also been making waves on mobile devices recently, developing technologically advanced iOS titles for mobile gamers to enjoy. Some of their mobile games include Zombie HQ, Harmony Isle, and even Joust Legend.

Every single one of Rebellion’s games run on their versatile multiplatform game engine, Asura. That said, Rebellion’s co-founder and CTO, Chris Kingsley, stated that he realized the potential of Apple’s Metal technology as soon as it was announced during Apple’s WWDC this June.

“We’re excited to be working so closely with Apple’s technology in our Asura Engine,” he stated, “as it will empower us to code to the metal, remove some of the main rendering bottlenecks, and bring even better looking, more immersive games to iOS devices. Metal is leading the way in  the next generation of mobile rendering technologies. It could be a real turning point for mobile gaming.”

What are your thoughts on Apple’s Metal technology and Rebellion becoming a partner developer on said technology? Do you agree with Chris, who believes that it could be a turning point? Or is it, perhaps, being overhyped, and will ultimately fail to live up to the expectations that are now being placed on it by so many?


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