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Review | Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition, 30 FPS of Fun


Zombies are always fun, we see them in movies, in video games and we sometimes wish they were real. We spend countless hours watching zombie movies and smashing their rotten skulls in our favorite games, enough even to think that we have the training to face them in real life. But until that actually happens, we will be sticking to our pixels from the comfort of our safe houses.

Dead Rising 3 was previously released as an Xbox One exclusive title, and because of the console’s limitations we got a shameful 720p resolution and the lazy 30 FPS. With the PC release of Dead Rising 3, we all hoped for those issues to be addressed. Some of them were, but not all — as we expected. In this current state, and even after a 40 MB day-one patch, the game is pretty much unplayable. Not only that it’s locked at 30 FPS, a decision that nobody could possibly ever back up, but the game is lagging exactly when the good times start rolling.

We tried to find a reason behind the technical issues, but we couldn’t. There’s no visible pattern, the game stumbling more often in zones with no zombie on-screen. The huge amount of NPCs could be an answer to our question, but the game loves the zombies crowds and hates loneliness. However, this inconvenient might be solved in a future patch, which we also hope to include the possibility to switch to 60 FPS.

But there’s more to the game, apart from the obvious issues. The PC version is clearly a step up from the Xbox One version, especially in terms of graphics. The 1080p (Full-HD) option makes the game crisp and beautiful, with zombies scarier than ever. Using a PC connected to a 40″ TV got us some pretty neat results, and an experience you can’t possibly have on the Xbox One.


Surprisingly enough, the keyboard and mouse combination is more than decent. And for someone who exclusively plays on console, the transition to PC was butter smooth. The controls are quick to accommodate with, and you can even change them to fit your needs.

To make this edition a bit more complete, Capcom has added all four “Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” DLCs into the Apocalypse Edition. Sadly, the Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha is not included in the PC version — but we can expect for it to be added at a later time via patching.

Dead Rising 3 is pure mindless fun at its core, having great insane features such as the car and weapon combining patterns. You can invite your friends over, or summon them online, and have a nice evening killing party. The problems Dead Rising has now can be a deal breaker for many, but when they will be fixed… there won’t be a reason for you not to pick up the game. The game has great potential, but the technical issues drags it down into a crowd of hungry zombies.

Score: 3/5

A review copy of Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition was offered by the publisher. The game was only tested and reviewed on PC.


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