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access_time September 5, 2014 at 12:02 AM in News by Charlie Grammer

PlayStation Plus battles: NA vs. EU (Week of 9-5-14)

Both regions attack with the above bombers as the September PlayStation Plus battles get under way.

Both regions attack with the above bombers as the September PlayStation Plus battles get under way.

The two regions gear up to battle for air dominance as the month of September gets under way. Will the EU manage to win the month of PlayStation Plus battles, securing the sky, or will North America defeat their dreaded foes yet again?

At the start of the month, both regions go all out, sending in bomber craft. The EU manages to get a preemptive strike, sending in Velocity 2X (PlayStation 4/Vita), Sportsfriends (PlayStation 3, 4), Joe Danger, (PlayStation Vita) PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale (PlayStation 3, Vita), TxK (PlayStation Vita), and Hoard (PlayStation 3). The EU hopes that their initial assault will be enough to grant them an early lead in the air combat, but their hopes appear to be in vein, as North America counters with the exact same bombers.

The EU withdraws, having spent its resources on the bombers for the first strike. At first it appears that North America will also withdraw, however they soon send three fighter jets into the sky, revealing that they were just lying in wait to see if the EU had any fighters in reserve. Upon deciding that the EU had indeed sent in every unit they had, North America decided to send in their own strikers. These are Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition (PS3. PS+: $2.69, Sale: $2.99, Regular: $9.99), and Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut as well as The Director’s Cut Ultimate Edition (PS3. Both PS+: $5.39, Sale: $5.99, Regular: $19.99).

The EU is taken aback by the sudden, last minute assault by the jets, and is forced to make a tactical retreat. As a result, North America wins the first round of the PlayStation Plus battles for sky dominance. Will they be able to continue fighting off any assault that the EU may launch? Or will the EU manage to make a successful counterattack, acquiring the title of “Sky ruler” in this month’s set of PlayStation Plus battles?

We promise that we’ll keep you updated as the fights rage on, but for now, happy gaming!


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