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access_time September 3, 2014 at 3:10 PM in Press Releases by Charlie Grammer

Final Muramasa Rebirth Genroku Legends DLC released

Take control of Rajyaki in final Genroku Saga DLC for Muramasa Rebirth.

Take control of Rajyaki in final Genroku Legends DLC for Muramasa Rebirth.

Today Aksys Games was thrilled to announce that the final piece of DLC in the Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends series is currently available in North America and will arrive tomorrow for Europe. This DLC, called Hell’s Where the Heart is, follows Rajyaki, the daughter of the Lord of Hell.

A former monk turned playboy by the name of Seikichi accidentally proposed to her and, as a result, finds himself literally sucked into an adventure he never would have expected. Since Rajyaki is already on a quest to recover the sacred treasures of the Seven Gods of Fortune that she misplaced, she decides to stuff the former monk in a magical bag and continue her mission.

During her quest, she decides to attempt to be the “bestest” fiancée that she can possibly be, falling in love with Seikichi as she explores the Muramasa world. In battle, she will be able to utilize three powerful forms, each with its own strengths.

The first form, Rajyaki’s child form, is quick and speedy with the axe she wields. The second form, her woman form, allows her to utilize a powerful club to forcefully knock enemies out of her way. Finally, the demon form grants her nearly infinite powers, allowing her to easily destroy any enemy that dares to cross her path.

If you finish off the DLC’s story and are curious as to how Rajyaki would fare against the likes of Raijin or even the Dragon God, you can face the enemies and bosses from the main title’s storyline.

If you’ve managed to complete all four bits of DLC in the Genroku Legends saga then you will receive a special gift from Vanillaware, the game’s developers, in the main menu of Genroku Legends.

How much will the former monk regret having proposed to Rajyaki before the story is through?


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