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WGK 2014 includes WolfensteinVR demo



Today the full schedule for this year’s World of Gamedev Knowledge (WGK) event was fully released. The event, which will be held on September 6 and 7, 2014, marks the meeting of game developers from all over the world as they speak about their projects, share knowledge, and choose a winner for the event’s Developers Showcase contest.

Perhaps one of the most interesting things to look forward to comes in the form of a hands-on demo for WolfensteinVR. This, for those unaware, is a game that is based on the original Wolfenstein 3D assets, but re-written from scratch with the Oculus in mind. The specific mode that will be in this demo? Fists from Hell, which will allow you to punch Nazis in the face using your own hands.

The event’s full schedule can be found below:

Saturday – September 6th 2014
8.00-9.45 Registration
Conference Room 1B Conference Room 4 Conference Room 2
9.45-9.55 Meeting & Greeting and the conference start Grzegorz Brol & Jakub Grabka
Vivid Games
Godfire: Rise of Prometheus – Game Design & Level Design in a AAA mobile game
Jacek Markowski
A lawyer and a gamer advises
10.00-10.50 Piotr Iwanicki
The story of SUPERHOT
From WGK 2013 to WGK 2014
11.00-11.50 Mario Rizzo
How to raise venture capital funds in Europe for setting-up an independent game company
Andrzej Koloska
Postmortem –
Hellraid: The Escape
Wojciech Pazdur
The Farm 51
Get Even – how to make a small game, that looks like a big one
12.00-12.50 Jon Hare
Tower Studios
Independent development
and how to keep control of your destiny
Reinhard Pollice
Nordic Games
Developer <> Publisher relationships as well as a status quo on digital publishing and an outlook
Kuba Stokalski
Flow Combine
How complicated simplicity can be? Game design philosophy vs reality in SPACECOM, a small indie strategy
Lunch Break
15.00-15.50 Sos O. Sosowski
Make games, not money!
Jacek Ławrynowicz
& Sławomir Cygan
Introduction to Intel Mobile GPU Architecture with OpenGL ES 3.1 Capabilities
Daniel Sadowski
Nitreal Games
‘This is your first challenge!’, or: How I teach game development
16.00-16.50 Tomasz Grudziński
Artifex Mundi
How to build a studio that wins a survey for the best studio in Poland?
Philipp Gerasimov
Intel® Core 4™ DX11 Extensions
Michał Marcinkowski
Transhuman Design
The productive paranoia
17.00-17.50 Tomasz Gop
CI Games
Production challenges behind Lords of the Fallen
Leonardo Kasperavičius
Case Study about A.I.
Leszek Godlewski
Nordic Games
OpenGL (ES) debugging
Sunday – September 7th 2014
10.00-10.50 Conference Room 1B Conference Room 4 Conference Room 2
Karol Żak
Game dev for Microsoft platforms
Magdalena Cielecka
Artifex Mundi
Graphics in HOPA games – traps and challenges
Iwona Grabska-Gradzińska & Bartosz Porębski
Basic rules of creating a computer game plot
11.00-11.50 Genevieve Lord
Burlington Champlain
The Montreal Gaming Scene
Ivan Popelyshev
It is possible to develop
a MMO game single-handedly
after all
Andrzej Mazur
Enclave Games
Firefox OS an ideal platform for HTML5 games
12.00-12.50 Artur Ganszyniec
AT Games
Making your F2P puzzler a story-driven game – what could possibly go wrong? Based on a true story.
11bit Studios Rafael Budnik
Intoxicate Studios / Independent
Level Design – from a point of view of a practitioner with over 10 years of experience
Lunch Break
15.00-15.50 Program Committee Debate
Game industry condition in 2014
Karol Gasiński
Next steps to immersion in VR
Arkadiusz Duch
Problems with creating multiplatform games
16.00-16.50 Steve Ince
Freelance Veteran Writer
Writing for Games as Entertainment
Adrian Perdjon
& Michał Hrydziuszko
Performance Capture
– an actor being an animator
– an animator being an actor
Krzysztof Czubak, Marcin Galicki, Kamil Rogulski                                       Wspieram.to                            Crowdfunding – effective campaign in just 4 steps
17.00-17.50 Mary DeMarle
Creating meaningful game stories: tools, tips, and techniques.
Cezary Skorupka
Flying Wild Hog
Making an old school game for modern day kids
Jan K. Argasiński
University of Krakow
Concept of Cogninterfaces:
Modeling user/player activities
with multimodal interfaces in spatial contexts
18.00-18.15 WGK Developers Showcase winners announcement, end of the conference

We also mentioned the Developers Showcase contest. For those unaware, this is an annual contest for independent developers that are associated with the WGK conference. The games below will be fighting each other for one of two main prizes of 5,000 PLN (roughly $1,559 USD):

Steampunker – TELEHORSE
Cracov 1500 – Cracov 1500 Team
Tormentum – OhNoo Studio
[DEEP] – Thinking Rabbit
Ronin – Tomasz Waclawek
Butcher – Transhuman Design
Ninja Cat and Zombie Dinosaura – Koshmaar
Mutagen – Maksymilian Paszkiewicz, Jerzy Kosinski
Zombiebucket – Submachine Factory
Out of the Box – Setapp
Darkwood – Acid Wizard Studio
Warlocks – One More Level
SocioPath – Adrian Palma, Mariusz Klosowski
Agent GDO: Invasion – Krzysztof Flis
Space Fighter – Pawel Polanski, Mikolaj Mikolajczyk
Target: BP-FC – Nest Games
Sniper Tactical – fragOut Studio
Archaica: The Patch of Light – TwoMammoths
Guinea PigZ: Chet’s Journey – Bradypus Studio Games
Lore – HotHead Balloon
Balance – Alchemy Games
Primitive Gun – Stefan Gajewski, Marek Sieniawski
EVERYTHING – Evil Indie Games

Last year’s winner was none other than SUPERHOT, with the event actually marking the first time that the game was shown off at all.

Overall, the WGK 2014 conference is sure to be an interesting one, and those interested in staying fully updated (we’ll try to keep you updated as the event goes on) can check out the official site.


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