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access_time August 29, 2014 at 8:36 AM in Features by Dragos Dobre

PlayStation Plus Lost a Lot of Its Value

The free-to-play model of Playstation Plus will be highly effective in a next-gen market.

Because every time someone dares to even touch this subject several accusations of fanboyism emerge from left and right, I will try to clarify one thing from the beginning. As a consumer and at the same time an owner of all current consoles, I’m entitled to measure the amount of services received, and their quality, for every penny I’m spending. To put this in more familiar terms, I’m talking about everything PlayStation Plus has to offer, from multiplayer services to a set number of free games monthly.

PlayStation Plus started as a great service, designed as a subscription that gives customers a pack of free digital games every month for the entire duration of their subscription. The service was firstly introduced to PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, and it’s now also available on PlayStation 4. But since Sony has added PS4 to the PS Plus offering, the overall value of the pack has been diminished.

Sony promised to offer two games monthly for every platform, a deal which sounds great on paper. However, while the service firstly offered important titles, from triple-A titles to popular indies, it’s now only giving subscribers games of a lesser value. Surely, more than a few indies are worth playing, and in some cases they offer a greater value than a triple-A would. But if you actually line the games up, and decide which one you are really interested in, you’ll discover that only a few can attract your attention.

And it’s not only the fact that you won’t be getting the same great games as one year ago, as PlayStation Plus is also required to play online on PS4. Sony has a pretty impressive history when it comes to their services being hacked, and putting their customers security at risk. It happened to me, personally, more than a few times to fire up my PS4 and discover that the online part of it it’s not working properly or, in some cases, at all.

So, let’s do the math again. You have less interesting games compared to last year, and a rather unstable online service. Frankly, I’d prefer one game for every platform, a high quality one, and an always-working multiplayer system. No more lag when you check your friends list, no more downtime, no more boring games. I do understand that the more platforms Sony adds to the service, the less expensive games they can offer — but I’ll always chose quality over quantity.

For me, in this current state, the service is not worth it. And if it wasn’t for games like Destiny, that have a more than interesting multiplayer, I would stop buying PlayStation Plus. If they can’t offer us great games, they should at least upgrade their servers and security, so we can enjoy playing online on all three PlayStation consoles.

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