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Costume Quest 2 receives special pre-order weekend

by on August 29, 2014

costume quest 2

Midnight City and Double Fine have decided to show off two deals for Costume Quest fans on Steam this weekend.  If you wish to pre-order the title, you’ll have two versions to choose from; The $14.99 version, which features the title and four classic costumes, or the $19.99 version, which features the items as well as the original Costume Quest and Grubbins on Ice DLC.

The four costumes mentioned are the Robot, Unicorn, Eyeball, and Pumpkin, which each features the signature moves from the first game. For instance, the Robot’s Missile Barage can mow through Kronys while the Unicorn can revive friends thanks to My Pretty Panacea. The Pumpkin’s All Hallows Eve can destroy groups, and the Eyeball’s Eye-agra Falls can unleash “tears of fury”.

The developers will be at PAX Prime 2014, offering attendees the first chance to get their hands on the game. They’ll be taking up booth numbers 6808 (Midnight City) and 117 (Double Fine).

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