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Spark Plug Games reveals MechRunner updates

by on August 28, 2014


Ever since their MechRunner Kistarter campaign was successful, the folks over at Spark Plug Games has been extremely busy working on both it and Firefly Online, which they showed off atE3 and Comic Con respectively.

AW_MR_Screen03 AW_MR_Screen02 AW_MR_Screen04

Today they’ve decided to provide some updated details on the game. First up, they have confirmed that MechRunner will indeed be receiving a PlayStation 4 and Vita launch later this year. In addition, Spark Plug Games has stated that they will be launching on Steam as well in Q4 2014.


Some of the gameplay changes that MechRunner has undergone has been due to the feedback both editors and consumers have provided on the title. One of these changes, and perhaps the biggest, is that the game will no longer utilize an “on rails” type movement, instead letting the players control the XP41 and mecha directly. In addition, they are adding more content to build the immersion around combat sections.

AW_MR_Screen05 AW_MR_Screen06 AW_MR_Screen07

Finally, they’ve been working on updating the game’s overall look, as you can see from the screens scattered throughout this post.

What do you think of all of these new changes?













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