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PlayStation Plus Battles: NA vs. EU (week of 8-28-14)

The EU pours all of its resources into developing a "Super Soldier" called OlliOlli to combat NA.

The EU pours all of its resources into developing a “Super Soldier” called OlliOlli to combat NA.

The battle between North America and the EU rages on as each side struggles to gain dominance. Which side will be successful? Let’s find out right now!

As the EU reels from a decisive defeat last week, they decide to make one final effort to strike back against North America. To this end, they decide to pour all of their resources into a single troop, known as OlliOlli, who receives a 20% discount until September 3, 2014.  You can find the full EU update here. They’ve pinned all of their hopes on this super soldier that was developed, but will it be enough to deter the North American forces?

Unfortunately the answer to that question appears to be a resounding “No”, as NA retaliates with their own OlliOlli super soldier (PS3, PS4, Vita. PS+: $10.34, Sale: $11.49, Regular: 12.99). In addition, they decide to completely crush any hopes that the EU held for victory by sending in a platoon of over thirty troops, led by commanders such as Child of Light (PS3 and PS4. PS+: $10.34, Sale: $11.49, Regular: $14.99) and the PixelJunk 3-in-1 pack (PS3. PS+: $5.00, Sale: $9.99, Regular: $19.99). The full list of titles on sale can be found on the official blog.

In the end, North America crushes the EU’s final line of defense with a massive onslaught, securing the ground victory of 2014 for good. Does the EU have any hope of securing victory on the next field of battle, or will North America continue to claim dominance for the rest of the year?





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