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A mysterious Dark Souls 2 character that you’ve never seen has been found


Hellkite Drake / YouTube

Dark Souls 2 lore buffs have been talking about her for months. This week, she’s finally been found.

Slight spoilers for Dark Souls 2 follow.

Not long after you begin your journey in Drangleic, you meet a woman dressed in green. She has a name, but at that point, you only know her has the Emerald Herald. She wants you to find the king and she helps you do it by taking your souls in exchange for stat upgrades. She also gives you a refillable healing potion and will give you more if you bring her specific items.

She’s cool, like Demon’s Souls’ Monumental character, so, obviously, everyone wanted to know more about her.

By the end of the game, you learn a little bit more about her, like her name and her origins. But that’s it.

The Dark Souls 2 spoilers end here.

In the credits, there’s two Emerald Heralds listed. One for an adult version and one for a child version with a different voice actor. For a long time, Dark Souls 2 fans argued that we meet the child version in the game, except that she isn’t a child, but just a slightly younger version. They said they could hear the difference in her voice and some even said she looked different. And they said that she was the child featured in the game’s art book.

According to a video by Souls series sleuth Hellkite Drake, everything we thought was wrong, except the art book theory. Hidden inside the game’s code, right after the model for the in-game Emerald Herald, is a child. This child covers one eye just like the Emerald Herald in the game, has the same hair color, and has another spoilery similarity. From what Hellkite Drake and everyone else can tell, it is the unused model of the child version of Emerald Herald.

The model has no dialogue or animations, but it exists, and that’s enough to start speculating on the story implications. Some people are already guessing that she might appear in the game’s third DLC, Crown of the Ivory King, since she’s dressed like she’s supposed to be in a cold climate, and it was announced that it takes place in a snowy area. Why else would this model be so complete and still in the game’s files?

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