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Depth Hunter 2 splashes onto Steam

by on August 26, 2014
Explore the sea in Depth Hunter 2.

Explore the sea in Depth Hunter 2.

Biart Company was proud to announce that their first-person underwater game, Depth Hunter 2, has arrived on Steam. The game offers 25 missions in three huge locations across the world as you hunt for different fish species and face the challenge of breath-holding spearfishing.

Biart states, “s abyss. Spearfishing is a challenging sport, as you can’t use scuba while hunting. The game still has some tasks to be completed with scuba: underwater photo shooting, treasure hunting, etc.”

For those wondering, spearfishing and underwater hunting are ancient fishing and hunting methods that are used to catch fish by utilizing a mechanical harpoon. Today spearfishing is a sports activity in many countries, such as the UK. During the sport, spearfishers hold their breath, making it so that they must coordinate their energy while hunting their prey.

The game is priced at $12.47 USD on Steam.

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