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access_time August 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM in Culture by Steve Masters

WWE SuperCard Xavier Woods Interview

Steve – What is your involvement with the video game WWE 2K15? 

Xavier – well I’m hoping I will be a character in it.   This is my first year on the roster.  We will see if I made the cut to be in the game.  I’ve seen some screenshots out there…. I saw (a screenshot) the other day with Zina,  and it looks  amazing… you can see the pores in peoples  skin and the environment looks very real,  as they do with all 2k Games its going to be a amazing game.

Steve – So you mention you weren’t guaranteed to be in the other roster.  When will you find out about that?

Xavier– I don’t know.  Hopefully soon.  I will keep my eyes and ears open,  they’ll let the world know fairly soon.

Steve – Let’s talk about the card trading game, (WWE SuperCard).  I want to know more about it tell me more about your involvement with that? 

Xavier – Well I’m actually playing it literally right now!  I’m in a king of the ring thing, and I have to make sure my guys are winning.   It’s awesome.   The roster is ridiculously deep…. tons of cards.   You open packs of cards and you make a five man roster, or four superstars and 1 diva.   They all have different ranking;  power, toughness, speed and charisma, so when you go into matches it might say “oh you have a singles match “ and it’s based on your charisma then you’re going to pick your cards with the highest charisma and if your opponent pick a card with lower charisma then you win that round.   You do 3 rounds per match and if you win you get the chance to pick two new cards at random and you can add those into your deck.  There’s also an RPG element as well.   You can take lower ranking cards and feed them to the higher ranking cards to level them up so your stats increase.  So, just because you and I are playing each other and we have the same cards we can have different stats because your level of card can be higher than the level of my card.   It really ads a element of surprise as you’re playing because you think someone has something but they have something else.   Each of the cards has a specific superstar on them.   There’s current guys,  there’s legends,  Me for instance,  I’m in one of the cards!  As my card is played, it shows my arena intro.  I walk down the ramp, get into the ring, and then for the match,  the cards actually move to each other!  It’s great to have the animations.  It makes it better than just playing a card game face to face.   It’s a really cool, fun way to play a game using WWE cards.

Steve – fun, so is this a physical card as well as virtual card game?

Xavier – No, it’s just virtual cards

Steve – how do people acquire their desks of cards?

Xavier – when you start, you get enough cards to create a deck.   Then you can either win more cards through single matches, or you can do a mode called king of the ring,  where you try to build your best deck and other people who have entered this king of the ring you’ll play against them and whoever wins gets the top prize which is a bunch of cards.   But if you’re impatient, and don’t like playing a lot, you can buy cards.  There’s tons of different ways get cards and to build your own specific deck that you like.

Steve — this free to enter and free to start?

Xavier – yeah, defiantly and I’ve been playing for a couple days now.   Normally, I play free games and see how long it takes for you to actually need to spend money.  In WWE SuperCard, I haven’t spend a dime and I’m crushing it.  It’s nice, it’s honest.   It gives the players options and they aren’t backed in a corner to spend money.   Just play it and have fun with your friends!

Steve – Awesome! How do people get started on the game?

Xavier – Look for it in the App Store— “WWE SuperCard” and it’s out now!

Steve – Great! Alright, so let’s talk about you a little bit now I know that you’re currently wrestling all the time and you’re also studying for a PHD how do you balance those two things in your life?

Xavier – I don’t really sleep, its defiantly difficult at times like you said.   Traveling all the time and studying.   I’m in a place where I’m working on my PHD, so I’ve essentially have to build an experiment which will contribute to the world of educational psychology.   While also keeping up my body going to the gym and then doing interviews, wrestling… so it’s very hectic. You just have to keep your head on straight, and be alert at all times.   My job is wrestling, and also getting my PHD.  Both are very important to me so I make the time to get things done.

Steve – when do you expect to get your PHD?

Xavier – I’m hoping before I’m 30 I’m 27 now I’ll be 28 in two, 3 weeks and I’m hoping, fingers crossed before I’m 30 but hopefully it doesn’t take any longer than that.

Steve – Besides playing this new card game WWE SuperCard,  do you play any other video games?

Xavier — Oh that’s pretty much all I do with the my time.  Right now I’m playing; Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and tons of other games too..  I have ps4, Xbox and a Wii-U.  When I’m home, I really want to sit down on my couch and relax and video games are my getaway.   If I wasn’t wrestling or doing stuff with psychology I believe that I would  be working in some capacity in the gaming world, cause it’s my life.

Steve – What about wrestling video games? Did you play last year’s WWE 2K14? What other sort of fighting games do you like? 

Xavier –  I play all wrestling games.   I was telling somebody else,  the create-a-wrestler is my favorite thing.   I’ve actually created my gear, on the create-a-wrestler,  and that’s how I come up with the stuff that I wear on TV!   Back in the day my favorite wrestling game was Wrestle Mania 2000 it’s just an amazing game… way ahead of its time.  It has a fun, huge,  roster,  tons of awesome moves,  great modes in it…njust awesome…., I love all wrestling games and all sorts of fighting games!

Steve – Let’s talk about you in the ring…. what you got going on is there a Nation of Domination angle coming up with Big E and Kofi? 

Xavier–No sir,  there’s no Nation of Domination.   What we are doing is something that is much more intelligent then what people are believing.   It’s a low common denominator thing.  I can tell you that it’s a group of very talented and educated young men who have been semi successful on there own but want a little more out of life and out of their jobs in general.   They are willing to fight the man next to him to make sure he gets what he deserves. Hopefully things keep going down on a positive path and we’ll see where it ends up.

Steve – What’s next for you in the ring? You got some notable contests we can talk about?

Xavier – I’m not really sure that’s what’s going on.  That’s one of the fun things about wrestling,  everything is kind of up in the air so you’re always on your toes.   You have to be ready at all times for anything.  It’s kind of hectic at times, but it makes it really fun.

Steve – Ok, so what next on your schedule do you have any dates or city’s we can talk about?

Xavier – I think a lot of my stuff is happening in September so I don’t think I have anything coming up until then.  One thing that’s not wrestling related is, DragonCon.   It’s a big convention that I go to every year so I’ll be at that at the end of August…. that’ll be cool.

Steve – Is there anything else you’d like to say while we have you here?

Xavier – No, just tell the kids to stay at school and carry their briefcase.  Be smart and get a good job.

Steve – Sounds like good advice, thanks a lot!


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