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Preview | Tri

Venture into the Realm of the Odd Gods.

Venture into the Realm of the Odd Gods.

Tri is an upcoming first person 3D puzzle game developed by Rat King Entertainment. This title initially started out as a Ludum dare competition entry, being originally developed by Jana and Friedrich in just 48 hours.

The interest the title drew convinced the developers to turn it into a full game, fleshing out every aspect of the title. They had thought to do this all in a mere 48 days, then bring it to market, but it proved to be a bit more of a challenge than expected, as now, two years later, the game is nearing completion.

tri 2

Tri challenges you to locate statues in each level. Doing so will require you to (once you have obtained the artifact near the start of the game, of course) create triangular platforms that you can use as platforms, or even to affect gravity, allowing you to walk onto a ceiling. You’ll have to adjust your triangles carefully, as there are a few rules you need to keep in mind.

Triangles, if they are placed at too steep of an angle, cannot be walked on. This will be indicated by said triangles turning red. In addition, they must be anchored to solid points, so no placing them on a body of water or suspending them in mid air. These limitations add in a bit of challenge to the game and open up several creative possibilities for your triangle creation.

tri 3

Once you have placed your triangles (and they’re yellow), you can utilize them as platforms to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. There are fox statues in each stage (as well as extra statues in each stage that you can locate. They did nothing in the preview build, as that is a feature that shall be implemented in the future) and you will also need to use switches, gates, trigger-able pillars, and laser puzzles to get to these hidden fox statues (and the extra statues, of course).

tri 5

The game feels like it would be right at home with a virtual reality port (I’m not saying there is one in the works, this is just my opinion) with the gravity-based problem solving. After all, running around on triangular platforms that are placed high above the ground would certainly be enhanced by virtual reality.

tri 4

Even without that, though, the game certainly does draw one into the world. The game’s music and visuals mesh together quite well, making it extremely easy to lose track of time while playing it. The game is rather atmospheric, enigmatic, and quite fun, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what the full version will be like (and what the extra statues do).









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