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Mad Bullets arrives on Kindle Fire

Mad Bullets receives a new patch and Kindle Fire version.

Mad Bullets receives a new patch and Kindle Fire version.

isTom Games was proud to announce that their critically acclaimed iOS railshooter, Mad Bullets, has arrived on Kindle Fire, allowing those users to try out what is currently one of the highest rated new games on the App Store. For those wondering details, it has been downloaded nearly 300,000 times and boasts more than 9,000 highly positive ratings.

The Amazon version of the game is free and contains everything that the original iOS version offers. In addition to becoming available for Kindle users, the team was happy to announce that several new features and fixes have been implemented in the game’s newest patch.

The new features include a brand new Word Collector mini-game in which you collect letters to complete random words and then gain extra rewards from said words and an animation in the Results screen when you manage to collect all of the sack rewards. In addition, the sack reward number has been limited to 100 sacks and the Boost screen highlights the chosen boost’s card.

Also featured in the update is a new animation sequence to upgrade purchases as well as your retry affecting/changing the day/night cycle in the game. Finally, explosion barrels now spawn collectable items (such as sacks and power-ups), and iADs has been added into the game’s ads system.

The fixed bugs can be found below:

– Fixed a bug where a mission dialogue box sometimes stuck at the top of the screen forcing players to restart the game.
– Fixed a bug where the Shop menu told the players that they do not have enough sacks to buy something even though they had more than enough sacks.
– Fixed a bug where in the Boost menu the used boost items disappeared after a use.
– Fixed a bug where the result screen did not display the highest score properly.
– Fixed a bug where the highscore counter did not display every score
– Fixed a crash bug where the game stops running after watching an ad in the Pause menu.
– Minor bugfixes.


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