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GGR 769 – Sacred 3 & Ultra Street Fighter IV

by on August 6, 2014

GGR 769

Listen up videogamers…it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Oh yeah…it’s Tuesday… that means new games hit today… If you want a fantasy sword hacking adventure…Sacred 3 is out today… Yes, im a sucker for a chick in a bikini slashing with a huge sword… This is basic, top down video gaming… waste everything with your sword, and your power attack. Sacred 3 try it before you buy it.

If you like fighting games…the leader of the pack, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is also out on disc today. New characters, stages, and modes!  Fighting game fans are giving Ultra Street Fighter 4 nines and tens for review scores. Previously only available as a download, Ultra Street Fighter 4 is now a fully loaded boxed game. And it lives up to the hype! I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.

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