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access_time August 6, 2014 at 11:45 AM in Features by othersiders

EA Access makes Xbox One a more viable choice compared to PS4


Microsoft and EA are both quite well-known for their ability of taking poor decisions when it comes to their strategies and services designed for the customers. But as not everything in the world is good, nor bad, sometimes those companies go on the right path and redeem themselves.

EA Access falls in those kind of services, one that could really make the difference. If you are not up to date with what EA Access is, I will quickly run you through it so we can all be on the same ground.

EA Access is a monthly (or annual) membership that unlocks the so-called Vault. By purchasing a subscription of $4.99 a month, you will be able to play all the game available in The Vault with no restrictions for the whole period in which you are subscribed to the service. The Vault currently contains the following games: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4. This means that if you pay the monthly subscription, you will be able to access all these games at an insanely low price. There’s no catch or strings attached to it, just pure fun and a lot of great games.

On top of this, throughout the following years EA will be changing the games available in The Vault, so you won’t get bored with the currently available content. To make the deal even more awesome, by being part of this service you will be able to play trials/ demos  five days before release date of new games, and if you decide to buy the game your progress will carry over.

This will start with games such as Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA LIVE 15, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Long story short, you can get all of this for just $4.99 monthly or $29.99 per year.

Now, how this service will benefit Xbox One? Well, the first thing is that EA Access is exclusive to Microsoft. And not because EA hasn’t tried to pitch this idea to Sony as well, but Sony rejected their business proposal because they didn’t think it’s a “good value” for PlayStation 4 owners.

By rejecting the offer, Sony has just missed on one of the greatest things since next-generation of consoles were released. The fact that a developer is offering the most important titles in their portfolio for a ridiculously low price point is not something we see on a daily basis. If more developers would follow their example, the gaming world would be a much more enjoyable one for those who can’t really afford a lot of games.

For somebody who’s researching both consoles in order to make an educated purchase, Xbox One might seem a bit more appealing to them especially if they are looking to play mostly EA titles. You can easily compare this service with Sony’s PlayStation Plus or Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold, but it’s not entirely the same mostly because of its price point and what games it offers. If you are a current owner of either Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I’m sure that you know what kind of games you can play for free by paying that subscription.

But that’s a whole other thing because in the price of the service it’s also included the ability to play online modes of the games. If you do want to buy Xbox One over the PlayStation 4, EA Access will give you a lot of games to play for just as little as $4.99, compared to a full retail price of $60 for just one game. You’ll get to play some nice games even if you can’t afford buying games right after you bought a pricey next-gen console. For people who are new to the console world, and are just looking for the best way to spend their hard-earned money, EA Access might help them in making a decision in which console they should buy.


  • Wade Wilson August 6, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    Yeah IF by chance you play sports games and want all the oldie but moldy 2 years after the latest comes out…Not sure why people have such a hard time understanding that…They are NOT going to put ANYTHING NEW up I would bet starting with anything 2015, they’ve already confirmed that Titanfall will not be added……

    It’s not even a viable service if all you own is an Xbox One with the 4-6 games they currently have on it…Not even sure where people the the notion that with the 360 your going to get anything that wasn’t on 360, since it seems some delusional people think 360 will get games from their entire catalog going back to 82 which you wont it will be 2005-2012……

    Hey if people want to burn their money on a crappy service more power to you, there is seriously nothing of value there on X1 past what they’ve added, which will most likely be it for quite some time. They aren’t stupid they know they can make $60 a pop on their new titles…..

    Since some people seem to have problems with math also, 10% of a $60 game around $5.00, so the same price for a digital copy that cannot be sold or traded at the same price people complain about a new used title at gamestop that you can actually return……

    Obviously the Xbox Fanboys have gotten desperate since it’s gone from I’ll never pay $55 for a used game, and I can’t wait for EA to shut down because they are the devil or whatever the speech is, to talking about EA as if it’s Jesus Christ coming down from mountain high with amazing deals for those who don’t actually have what I assume is the brain power to think about their service, all to justify their blind fanboy crush….Enjoy your Madden 15 and fifa 15 in 2017 once they are no longer “viable” money sources and are allowed to be added to “the vault”.

  • lacarious August 6, 2014 at 7:36 PM

    rrrrrrryyyyyyyyygggggggghhhhhhhhhttttttttttttt…… m$ spy in the woods here.

  • Ra3030 August 6, 2014 at 7:36 PM

    I find it hard to believe there are people that would spend $400 to $500 on a new next gen console and only or mostly play sports games on it and use the EA service to tip the scale in Microsofts favor when buying that console. I just don’t see it. The sports games they offer to start the service are already outdated with the new version of those titles coming out in the next 2 weeks or very soon. And the 10% discount you get when you purchase a EA title the 10% is pretty much the $4.99 a month you pay for the service so really there’s no discount. But with all that said I like the service as an option.

  • David Poole August 7, 2014 at 2:37 AM

    While I won’t say I completely agree, I will say that EA has a lot of power in the industry. Yes, they have mostly sports games, but those sports games are popular and it’s one of the reasons why Wii U needs strong 1st party support to stay alive. EA snubbed them with their sports so it makes it less likely for consumers to pick up. I’m not a sports game fan myself, I’d rather go out and play the sport. However, this is a great value for the gamers that do like those sports games, even though yes, it’s pretty much going to be the older games in the catalog.

  • jb227 August 7, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    ” If more developers would follow their example, the gaming world would be a much more enjoyable one for those who can’t really afford a lot of games.”

    OR they could get a Plus or Live account for around the same price, while receiving online mp capabilities, they will also get free recent indie & AAA games from across the gamut of developers, w/ actual variety in genres? How much money would a broke gamer be saving if they are giving out $5 bucks a month to 10 different developers ON TOP of their Plus & Live accounts? At the end of the day it’s obviously a better value to have free games added on top of services they would already be paying for over having access to a few older games which might not appeal to them anyway (single player focused gaming franchises are few & far between in EA’s portfolio), not to mention the fact that services like EA Access will potentially kill the used games market. Try to sell a copy of a game like Battlefield 4 that was bought for full price only a few short months ago when it’s now accessible to anyone w/ an internet connection and a $5 spot. Being able to get cheap access to a handful of games a year should not be a decision maker for a consumer, they should look at things like pricing, media function, specs & potential for exclusives. MS have done good in some of those arenas, but until they beef up their specs & grow a wider variety of first party devs, Sony’s console will have the brighter future for actual unique gaming experiences.

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