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Blizzard celebrates 10 years of World of Warcraft with special events and gifts

by on August 6, 2014


To mark the 10-year anniversary of World of Warcraft, Blizzard has a lot of surprises for players this November. Tarren Mill vs Southshore will be revived in “The Rematch”, a place where you can start PVPing just like back in the days.

For WOW raiding fans, famous Molten Core will get boosted so max-level players can fight once more the fierce Ragnaros in a special 40-player Raid Finder version of the dungeon. If you manage to kill the Firelord, you will be rewarded a special achievement and a Core Hound Mount.

On top of this, everyone who logs during the anniversary will receive a new pet, Molten Corgi.

Source: BattleNet

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