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EA founder doesn’t think VR technology is “necessary”


ea-logoVirtual Reality (VR) is a quite new technology, currently in development at several important companies such as Oculus and Sony. Everyone seems to be building them, but not all developers really think they’re worth the trouble.

EA’s founder Trip Hawkins shared with Gamespot his feelings towards this new technology. When asked about his interest in VR, he replied “I’m not really a big fan of goggles. I don’t really think that it’s necessary.”.

“Having to put on glasses is kind of annoying and alienating. If I’m in my home, playing games, I don’t want to knock my beer over, I don’t want to not be able to find my phone if it rings; I don’t want to not be able to make eye contact with other people in the room, you know?” he continued.

We already knew that VR won’t be a thing from day one, but we never expected for the founder of one of the biggest developers and publisher to not embrace a new way of making money from customers.

But we do agree that VR has a lot of things that needs to be fixed before coming out. Seeing what effect 3D home movies and TVs had on the customers, introducing a similar technology in gaming won’t be as successful as some may think.


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