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Buy or Sell: Mario Kart 8, PS4 remakes, Pokemon MMO


It’s time for another edition of Buy or Sell, as we have both Tim St. Croix and Sean Garmer joining us to share their thoughts on a variety of topics, so let’s get right to the debate.

1. You like the idea of some key PS3 titles getting the PS4 treatment.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. When this initiative first came about, I was completely against it because I felt it took away from Sony making new games and just remastering PS3 titles to fill empty coffers. As time has gone on, especially once the Last of Us remaster has come about, I’ve come around to it. If the people involved are going to take as much care as Naughty Dog has with the Last of Us: Remastered and making it the “must have” version of Last of Us then I am all for it. However, if we are just going to up-res the graphics and be done then I think it is better left alone. Sure, for many, this is going to seem like a Sony cash grab, but there are plenty of people that chose never to buy a PS3 that decided to buy a PS4 this generation. Why should they not be allowed to experience some of the greatest games from last generation on their new console. I would expect that once Uncharted 4 comes out, we will get an Uncharted Collection and maybe if there is another InFamous game, we will get a PS4 InFamous collection as well. The only negative I see is that Sony is sort of competing against it’s own PS NOW service by allowing HD collections and remasters of PS3 titles. So, Sony has to think long and hard how many of these PS3 collections they are going to allow or it could wind up hurting them in the long run.


Tim St. Croix: BUY. This is a definite buy for me, I am looking forward to what I know will most likely be a update of the Uncharted trilogy to be rereleased in conjunction with the new game. Most likely they will do this as well with the Arkham games and a few others.

2. The current success of Mario Kart 8 will prove to be the catalyst to seeing the Wii U finally catch on.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. The question itself is pretty vague here. What do you mean by catch on?  Mario Kart 8 was going to be a system seller and everyone knew this. Super Smash Bros. will likely do the same thing once it releases. The issue is going to be, will Nintendo be able to get more titles out there fast enough to satisfy demand for all of the new people that buy the console?  Nintendo has a bad habit of having big gaps in between first party titles and let’s be honest, those are the games selling the system because there aren’t hardly any third party developers left making games for Wii U. I think Nintendo had a great E3 and 2015 looks great for them, but how long are we going to have to wait between each of those titles?  I think what Nintendo has done is do enough to survive and at this point, that’s what they need to do. Unless Nintendo comes up with another industry changer like the Wii, they will be far behind their competition for the rest of the current life cycle in gaming. I grew up on Nintendo and still love their star franchises to this day. I work in a Kmart and I find myself staring at the Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle all the time going “damn I wanna play that so bad.” However, I have to wonder if the Wii U will become just like the Wii, where after a while. people will put the system on the shelf and don’t use it because they have to wait so long in between games that interest them.

mario kart 8

Tim St. Croix: SELL. This is a sell, while growing up Nintendo was the innovator; they now seem to be doing nothing but playing catch up. I only bought myself a Wii last gen to play a select few games like Zelda and Smash and that was about it. I suspect much of the same thing will happen here.<

3. The PlayStation Vita is practically an afterthought at this point.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. Sony has basically said this themselves and it really should not surprise anyone. PS Vita has not sold like it’s previous iteration the PSP did and Sony pretty much ignored the Vita during their E3 press conference. There were Vita games on the show floor, but let’s be honest, unless you are a JRPG or Strategy gaming person, there is hardly a reason to own a Vita. Sony has admitted that there probably won’t be any more AAA quality titles coming out for Vita as well. People are pretty much buying a Vita to have a portable companion to their PS4 or holding on to it so that they can use it as their PS NOW device. The problem is Sony didn’t plan out the Vita very well. They came out with two models, which confused the casual market, it was highly priced, and there is an obvious lack of diversity in the gaming department. Not to mention, memory cards for the system can become a bit expensive as well. A lot of the big games that have come to Vita haven’t been that well received and even though there are still a few out there like Minecraft and Freedom Wars that could spike sales a little bit, I just don’t think there is much Sony can do, even with another price cut, to get the system anywhere noteworthy.

Tim St. Croix: SELL. Sony has never pushed this as hard as they should but I suspect in the upcoming years with a tie in with the PS4 the vita will find a steady and growing fan base. In addition to a great graphics engine the ability to remote play will be a bigger thing in the future as more and more games become purely digital and not physical.

4. If a Pokemon MMO was ever created, you would join on Day 1.

Sean Garmer: BUY. I love Pokemon so YES! YES! YES! I would be on it Day 1. I think it is only a matter of time until we see this happen, but it probably won’t be until sales for the handheld versions of Pokemon start to dwindle, if it ever happens. However, Nintendo could decide to surprise us and decide they want to embrace the internet and grace us with this goldmine waiting to happen. If they make it the Pokemon we are used to but bigger and more interactive I don’t know how people couldn’t buy into this really?


Tim St. Croix: SELL. To be honest I haven’t really kept up with the pokemon craze since I first played it in junior high with the original pokemon red. I also played most of the pokemon games on N64 but with all the new pokemon and all the new techniques it became something I didn’t care for anymore and promptly lost interest.

5. EA made the right decision of releasing FIFA World Cup 2014 on current-gen consoles only.

Sean Garmer:  SELL. I said it in my review and I’ll say it here again, this was the wrong decision. Especially when EA’s excuse was “the host country for the 2014 World Cup does not have many next gen systems available.” So, what about the rest of the damn world that watches the WORLD F***ing Cup? You know, the global event that only happens every four years and is bigger than the Olympics. There are a ton of people that get into soccer each year because of FIFA. You know how many more people would have loved to play a FIFA version of the World Cup, even if it was only for a month?  A ton. I understand there is a higher cost in making the game for next-gen, but if you are going to take the time to make it for last gen, just do it for the new systems too. At least that way, it seems like less of a cash grab, and more like you took time to make a game that honors one of the biggest events in all of 2014. Not to mention, there are a lot of people that bought FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One that have already seen the improvements that next-gen has made to the series, they aren’t going to pull out their old systems to play an inferior version. This was small minded thinking from EA.

Tim St. Croix: BUY. This was a good move as I think a lot of what bothers people about hoping on to new consoles early is the lack of exclusive games. Most developers this early in the cycle tend to release for last gen and current gen. By releasing for only the current-gen it shows that EA is being future forward.

6. You came away from E3 very excited about what’s in the pipeline for next year’s titles.

Sean Garmer:  BUY. I came away from E3 extremely excited about what’s going to happen in 2015. The sheer breadth of games coming out next year is amazing and each one of them had something that got me interested. I just hope we don’t get to 2015 and everything gets delayed because that would be a major bummer.


Tim St. Croix: SELL. Most of the titles I was most looking forward to this year were announced last year but were pushed back. I understand the need to work out bugs and the like but if that is so I don’t expect a one gig update on day one which, no matter the game, seems to be the case now a days.


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