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access_time August 3, 2014 at 6:07 AM in GotGame Radio by Steve Masters

GGR 767 – Super Smash Brothers & Killzone Shadowfall

GGR 767

Listen up videogamers…it’s Steve Masters with GotGame! Nintendo fans are all jacked up for the new Super Smash Brothers… with all the great characters you can fight with… They just announced Lucina and Robin from Fire Emblem, and we also might be fighting on top of Star Foxes spaceship… Super Smash Bros for 3DS hits in October, with the Wii U version sometime before the end of this year.

PlayStation 4 fans… did you miss Killzone Shadowfall? There’s tons of action..  jump down on the Helghast and rip their necks off!  and when you get your owl,  you can send it in to clear enemies, deactivate alarms, there’s now co-op and new multiplayer map. Killzone Shadowfall for PlayStation… find it used for 22 bucks. I’m Steve Masters for GotGame.


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