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The Order: 1886 – New Video Reveals Thermite Rifle

by on July 31, 2014

The Order: 1886 - New Video Reveals Thermite Rifle

Ready at Dawn Studios has revealed one of The Order: 1886‘s great weapons; the M86/FL Thermite Rifle, “an amazing weapon that can literally paint fire upon the city”. It is a weapon that can blast enemies out of cover, leaving them vulnerable to other shots.

Firing a payload of aluminium iron oxide pellets, the Thermite Rifle surrounds enemies in a cloud of thermite dust, which can then be quickly fired up by shooting an ignition flare. The result? A huge firestorm.

The weapon can be seen in action in the short gameplay trailer below. The Order: 1886 will be launched worldwide for PlayStation 4 on February 20th 2015.

Source: The Order: 1886 Facebook Page

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