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access_time July 30, 2014 at 11:29 PM in Features by Tyler Colp

The Last of Us: Remastered story scenes that we never saw, in photos

One of the most interesting things we get from The Last of Us: Remastered’s excellent photo mode are shots that depict events that did not happen in the game.

A lot of the below photos are deaths of main character Joel (people like to kill him apparently!) and others that could contain minor spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Most of the shots were taken from the excellent NeoGAF thread, you should check it out.

Joel vs. Ellie

NeoGAF / user Papercuts

Papercuts / NeoGAF

NeoGAF / user CMojicaAce

CMojicaAce / NeoGAF

Joel vs. Tess

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729160826

newsguy / NeoGAF

Ellie death

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729185924

idonteven / NeoGAF

Joel deaths

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729182900

ricochetguro / NeoGAF

VisceralBowl / NeoGAF

VisceralBowl / NeoGAF

HolyFridge / NeoGAF

HolyFridge / NeoGAF

kubus / NeoGAF

kubus / NeoGAF

THX---1138 / Reddit

THX—1138 / Reddit

Dannyzavage / Reddit

Dannyzavage / Reddit

And … what?

THQ---1138 / Reddit

THQ—1138 / Reddit

Poor Joel. Although, if you look at this too long, you might wish on him a sudden, brutal death too.




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