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Elsword takes PvP to a whole new level

Will you be victorious on Ereda Island?

Will you be victorious on Ereda Island?

KOG Games announced a major addition to Elsword’s PvP (player versus player) mode as well as the highly anticipated Rena character update.

The PvP will take place on the game’s new Ereda Island, which allows you to engage in either 3v3 or 4v4 objective based, team vs. team battles. These battles take place within a dungeon-styled battleground, with your goal being to wade through all opposing monsters, NPC Gatekeepers, and finally, the opposing players. Your ultimate objective is quite simple; Destroy the other team’s Faction Tower.

You will gain access to this new island upon achieving level 40. After which you can enter Ereda Island as you would any other dungeon, and once you complete the Alter of Dedication dungeon in the Feita realm, you will be able to select the island from the game’s world map.

“That’s all well and good, but what about if there aren’t enough players to fill the queue?” you may be wondering. The answer to this is simply NPCs. If there aren’t enough players in the queue after 120 seconds, the remaining slots will be filled in by NPCs.

Once you have won (either by taking out the opposing base or getting 500 marks, which are awarded for the mini-objectives), you will get experience, medals that will commemorate your victory, and even some AP (the game’s currency). The losers will also get a tiny bit of experience and AP for their effort.


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