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Riot reveals a new yordle champion

"Aww, isn't he cut...OH GOD, HE'S  GOING TO RIP MY FACE OFF!" -enemy champion

“Aww, isn’t he cut…OH GOD, HE’S GOING TO RIP MY FACE OFF!” -enemy champion

Riot recently revealed a brand new yordle champion for their popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game, League of Legends. This little guy is called Gnar.

Gnar is a yordle who was born millennia ago. One day he was captured and frozen in true ice. As he dwelt within his icy prison, civilizations formed and fell until one day, Gnar finally managed to break free. He proceeded to wander the length of Runeterra until he was taken in by his yordle descendants… but will the beast within the boy make them regret the decision?

Gnar is another transform champion, but with a bit of a twist. Unlike many (Jayce or Nidalee, for example), he can’t truly control his transform all that well. Instead it will be based on your rage meter. Once it is full, you can either wait a few seconds for it to transform your fluffy yordle into an engine of destruction, or you can pop it immediately by utilizing one of your abilities.

Unfortunately Gnar’s ultimate can only be utilized in his Mega form, so getting the timing on his transform down is key to utilizing him effectively. You can check out more info (including videos showing off his abilities) on the official reveal page.

Will Gnar be able to destroy his foes in the league, or will he fall victim himself?


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