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access_time July 29, 2014 at 12:59 AM in Features by Dragos Dobre

Most disappointing next-gen games (so far)

The first year mark for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is getting closer with each day passing by. Since the two consoles have seen the light of day, it has been a complete war between Sony and Microsoft, a war fueled by the so-called fanboys. While there’s no certain winner, and I’m sure there won’t be one for a couple of years, it’s pretty simple to spot the most enjoyable games so far, and the ones that made gamers cry.

You’ll just have to keep in mind that this list contains exclusive, non-exclusive and even games what were present on the older generation of consoles (games that should have offered a next-gen experience on the two new consoles, but failed miserably). So, it doesn’t matter on what console the game was released, if it’s on next-gen… it’s also on our list. There’s also a concern that can’t be ever addressed when it comes to lists such as this one. As everyone has their own views and opinions, this list will only illustrate the author’s ‘personal way of viewing and criticizing the games.

But how you’ll know if this list is worth reading? Well, this top five feature comes from somebody who has played almost every major game release in the past ten years, no matter what genre or how hard they were. Here we go:

1. Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 101 Trailer Shows You Everything You Need to Know

Ubisoft’s baby was probably the most anticipated game of 2014, with an amazing marketing budget and an enormous amount of ads. The game suffered several delays, which quite annoyingly should have resulted in the game being more in production to fix certain problems and deliver a much more polished title. Sadly, the Watch Dogs we received on the release day was not even near what we expected to get. Not only the game was downgraded, and looked quite different compared to the first version Ubisoft showed us a few years ago, but the overall experience the game offered was dull.

The game wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. For the amount of work the developer has put into it, Watch Dogs should have been a lot better than it currently is. There’s a lot of shortcomings that made the most awaited game one that you could certainly pass without having regrets.

2. Murdered: Soul Suspect


The game starts with a great premise, one that you rarely see in a video game. You will take the place of a detective in his last emergency house call. His attempt in assisting the women in distress will cause his death, and that’s where the game begins. In order to finish the game, you’ll have to solve your own murder. Well, it’s only the idea that shines in the game, the rest being a muddy four hours of linear gameplay with little to make you want to go back and revisit certain quests. The story will bore you to death, and you’ll likely stop playing before actually finding the murderer. You’ll have nothing to see in this game, more than just a lot of walking and a series of trial and error questioning line.

My only concern is that the missed shot which Murdered: Souls Suspect was may also have caused the bankruptcy the studio is currently now in. They announced that they are closing the studio in early July, and as much as I hate seeing people losing their jobs this might make some developers work harder and deliver games worth playing.



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