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access_time July 26, 2014 at 12:42 AM in Mobile by David Poole

Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile Game now available for Android devices


Yesterday, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced that the Batman: Arkham Origins Mobile Game would now be available on both the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.  It is the same free-to-play game that was released for iOS last year, with all updates included and full achievement support for both Google Play and Kindle Fire Devices.  The title was originally developed by NetherRealm Studios for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, but the game was optimized and ported to Android and Kindle systems by Phosphor Game Studios.

As players play the game, they’ll be able to enjoy fighting some of Batman’s infamous rogues gallery, upgrading their abilities, earning in-game currency, and unlocking special rewards.  Owners of the console versions with a linked WBID can unlock content in both the mobile version and the console version by completing specific tasks, most likely earning them special batsuits or in-game currency, or various other rewards.  This is a very similar system to how the mobile and console versions of Injustice provide added bonuses, which I myself found to be a pretty good hook. For people still playing Arkham Origins on their consoles, it’ll be a nice added bonus while we anxiously await the release of Batman: Arkham Knight next year.


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