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The Last of Us 2 with an open world, and our other ideas

NeoGAF / brotkasten

NeoGAF / brotkasten

It’s hard to type something like “The Last of Us 2”. If there ever were a popular blockbuster video game sequel that that I didn’t actively want, it would be another Naughty Dog post-apocalyptic game. But it’s likely happening whether I like it or not.

I trust Naughty Dog to think about what a sequel would look like and choose the nteresting aspects to focus on. That said, it’s always fun to speculate, especially given our distance from the game’s release and the upcoming PS4 remake.

Here’s what would be interesting to see in a Last of Us sequel.

No Ellie or Joel

The protagonists of The Last of Us had their story told. I would appreciate it if Naughty Dog showed some restraint and didn’t even mention the names of Ellie or Joel in a potential Last of Us 2.

Part of what made The Last of Us so compelling is how grounded its world was. It had an internal logic that allows for countless more stories. If Ellie and Joel represented a force in the world that was still fighting for a cure, maybe the next story could be about living in a world that is already doomed. It could follow another pair, a single person, or maybe even jump between several characters in different locations.

Less action

If we were to assume that the game takes place after the first game, then the action could be affected by the state of the world. Resources would be even more scarce and guns might be so rare that nobody has them.

I always found the melee combat in The Last of Us the most brutal. Imagine a game that explores the very personal feel of that kind of fighting. If you’ve played I Am Alive, you know how tense it can be when you have to bluff to your enemies that you have ammo. The Last of Us 2’s combat encounters could be about faking it and avoiding confrontations.

More horses

Look, I would be okay if the only means of transportation in The Last of Us 2 was horses. Think about it. Horse combat. I picture accidentally attracting hundreds of infected and having to gallop away as they jump off rooftops and slash at you and your ride.

More infected, less humans

One of the themes of The Last of Us was nature and how it lived on despite all the humans struggling to survive. The last stage of the infected are to grow into spores, which would mean that over time humans would grow extinct.

It only makes sense that if the next game is a sequel, you would be fighting less humans and more infected. Maybe the virus will mutate and latch onto wildlife?

Either way, we need a new kind of threat. More infected types seems like a cop-out. I want to see a whole new monster.

Open world?

A lot of games are going open world these days. If The Last of Us 2 went open world it would probably heavily influence the very core of the game, but I wouldn’t put it past Naughty Dog to make a big decision like that.

The game could be about traveling to and from safe points for supplies and fighting and setting up camps in between. I think the world is realized enough to host an open world game, but it might have a bad effect on the driven narrative.


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