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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas – All you need to know!

With a couple of days before Blizzard releases the adventure mode for its free-to-play digital card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, there is no better time to have a quick and full recap about Curse of Naxxramas! We will talk about the new cards, prices, discounts, bosses and strategies, without a question to be left unanswered.

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - All you need to know!

Released in March 2014, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has become quickly one of the most popular video games, having over 12 million player accounts registered worldwide at this moment. Crafting cards, building various decks from the 382 collectible cards (which are available at this point), the possibility to change your strategy during a battle and the option to either buy packs with real money or with in-game currency, all that have contributed to Hearthstone´s success.

But this will not stop here, Blizzard has often reminded us their intention to keep things fresh and challenging for their fans through new challenges, game modes and collectible cards. And the first step in that direction is the release of the first adventure mode for Hearthstone, called Curse of Naxxramas.

What is Curse of Naxxramas?

Curse of Naxxramas is a new single-player mode for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Set in the World of Warcraft´s Universe, as the rest of the game, Curse of Naxxramas will give the players the opportunity to experience unique boss battles, to learn new strategies and to add new cards to their collection, which can be added to their own decks.

The mode has five wings (The Arachnid Quarter, The Plague Quarter, The Military Quarter, The Construct Quarter and Frostwyrm Lair), which will be released weekly starting July 22nd. Each wing will feature between 2 and 4 individual bosses, everyone of them being a well-known character from WoW.

During a wing you cannot complete daily challenges or get your three-win 10 gold bonus. But, after you finish a wing, you will be given a new legendary card!

New beast card for Hunters with Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas

Pricing and discounts

The first wing, called The Arachnid Quarter, will be available for free during the first month after the adventure is released. In other words, if you enter the first wing during the launch event, you will not have to pay anything for it and you will unlocked it permanently for free.

The other four wings will require a fee from the players, which can be paid with real money or with gold that they´ve collected during their gaming sessions. Once of a wing is unlocked, it will stay unlocked and it will allow players to replay it as often as they want!

The price for an individual wing is $6,99 or 700 gold, if you don´t want to use real money. Also, Blizzard offers discounts if you decide to pay for more than one wing at a certain time, but this will not give you early access to a wing that hasn´t been released yet!

Package USD EUR GBP AUD Gold
All 5 wings $24.99 €21.99 £17.49 $31.99
Remaining 4 $19.99 €17.99 £13.99 $24.99
Remaining 3 $14.99 €13.99 £11.49 $18.99
Remaining 2 $9.99 €8.99 £6.99 $12.99
Individual wings $6.99 €5.99 £4.99 $8.99 700 Gold



In Curse of Naxxramas you will battle with computer opponents, known as AI or Bosses. There will be 15 bosses in the adventure mode, each one of them having own unique cards and hero powers and are described to be “tough, unique and interesting”.

Defeating each boss will award you a new card that is associated with that boss (used by him in the battle). But not all the cards that are used bosses will be given to you, some of them remaining unavailable to players to collect, making the game “totally unfair … totally brutal”.

The full list of the Bosses´ names and the order, in which you will face them, is the following:


Wing Bosses
1. The Arachnid Quarter
(July 22)
a) Anub’Rekhan
b) Grand Widow Faerlina
c) The oversized arachnid Maexxna
2. The Plague Quarter
(July 29)
a) Noth the Plaguebringer
b) The devious plague cauldron master Heigan the Unclean
c) The fungal horror Loatheb
3. The Military Quarter
(August 5)
a) Instructor Razuvious
b) Gothik the Harvester
c) The Four Horsemen
4. The Construct Quarter
(August 12)
a) The shambling abomination Patchwerk
b) Grobbulus
c) Gluth
d) Thaddius
5. Frostwyrm Lair
(August 19)
a) The mighty frost-wyrm Sapphiron
b) The powerful arch-lich Kel’Thuzad


Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - All you need to know!

New Cards

Playing Curse of Naxxramas will give you the opportunity to add 30 new cards to your Hearthstone Collection. 21 of these cards will be neutral and the rest of 9 will be class-specific cards, one for each class hero. After you take a look at these cards, the first thing you will observe that most of them involves a Deathrattle effect, meaning that Curse of Naxxramas´ theme is Deathrattle.

There will be new minions, spells, secrets and weapon cards, plus five new legendary cards that can make PvP battles more interesting in the future. These cards cannot be obtained from card packs, forcing you to play the wings if you want a specific new card!

The cards can be obtained through different ways:

  • Defeating bosses – defeating a boss will award you with the card that is associated with it.
  • Completing wings – after you complete a wing, you will be awarded with a new legendary card.
  • Doing class challenges – each hero class will have a specific challenge, and by completing it you will get as a reward a new card that is specific to your hero´s class.

Another thing, if you want the golden version of these cards they are obtainable by crafting them with Arcane Dust. To craft a golden card, first you will have to obtain that card through Curse of Naxxramas and then to use your Arcane Dust. The cost will be the usual amount to craft for their rarity, and once they are crafted, they can´t be disenchanted!

Until this moment, Blizzard has releaved only the 9 class-specific cards and 6 of the neutral cards, the rest of them being expected to be announced very soon. You can see some of them below:

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - All you need to know!


A new card back and Heroic mode

After you will complete a wing on normal mode, you will unlock a higher difficulty mode called Heroic Mode. In this mode the bosses will be more difficult to defeat, always changing their strategies and giving you hard times!

Once you defeat all 15 bosses in Heroic mode, a new card back will be added to your collection. This card back hasn´t been revealed yet!

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas - All you need to know!

This is it for the moment, all the information you need to know about the release of Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas. I will be back next week with a review for the first wing, The Arachnid Quarter. Until then, collect all the gold you can from daily challenges or Arena runs and prepare to start a new journey on July 22nd with Curse of Naxxramas!



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