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Destiny Beta Guide: Secret Treasure, Dead Ghosts and Defeating Level 22 Monsters

Destiny Beta has been active for 3 days for the PS3 and PS4 users, and soon will be available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users as well. So, in order to help the fellow upcoming Xbox players survive the Crucible and the Cosmodrome and also reveal some secret locations for the Playstations fans that did not find them by now, I’ve decided to put together a guide.


Out there, it’s all about survivability. It may seem easy at first, but the Cosmodrome can be a bit harsh at times, especially when you decide to take on your first Strike or public event. Let alone the Crucible. So maybe some tips will help you make those first steps. Probably, the most important one is eyes on the radar. Especially in the Crucible. It shows nearby enemies and the direction they’re coming from and it proves to be the key between life and death, and will most definitely provide a huge tactical advantage in the multiplayer PvP mode. Players that do not mind the radar will end up dead very soon and will never even see it coming. Understanding that watching the radar is often more important than watching the center of the screen is vital. That’s the key to those 10+ kill streaks in the Crucible and a perfect tool for ambushing monsters in the story mode. Another tip would be to never stand still. Except when you’re fighting the Walker, you wanna’ stay hidden from sight with that one (and shoot its legs until it falls, in which case you hit its neck). But other than that, be on a constant move, dash, jump, just do anything that will make more difficult to get aimed at. Combined with the often peek at the radar will ensure that you will become a truly legendary guardian.

Dead Ghosts

On your journey through the Cosmodrome and the Tower, while exploring, you may stumble upon some dead ghosts. While these ghosts do not offer any particular reward upon finding them, they add up to your Grimoire points. There’s a total of six of them scattered across the world of Destiny and I suggest you enter here and follow the full guide to finding them, as it would take me quite a while to explain it here.

Golden Chests

There are hidden chests all over the Cosmodrome and even if there are only 5 golden chests, you can probably find up to 10 different loot chests. They contain glimmer, weapons, armor and the most important one – a hover bike. I don’t know all the locations of the chests, but I know where to find the golden ones (they aren’t golden actually, they are all grey with green lights). The first one is on the level 2 story mission on the second story of the barn. The second one is on the next mission, on the upper ledge near the Wizard. Just make sure you take it quick, a timer will activate after the mission end. You can find the third chest on level 4 story mission in a small cave, where there’s a u-turn on your way to the Forgotten Shore. The fourth chest is on the same level, but this time, head for the ships at the end of the map. There, turn left, head towards the water and make your way to the end of the cliff by jumping from rock to rock. The final chest is at the level 6 quest, just at the end of the final boss fight, at the bottom of one of the vertical paths. Tip: the one with the bike is the fifth chest.

Level 22 monsters.

While exploring the story mode you may encounter some level 22 monsters, or even more powerful ones with the “??” mark above them. These enemies can be found deep inside some caves or underground so you won’t stumble upon them except if your exploring passion leads you to dark and creepy places, sticking your nose where it does not belong. From the start you should know that there is no defeating such abominations as they are simply too powerful for you and immune to your puny bullets. But there actually is a way to… sort of “defeat” one and by defeat I mean pushing him off a ledge. If you’re going for the dead ghosts hunt, you may reach a certain place where you can find a ghost, but also a level 22 monster (and a loot chest as well). In order to loot in peace, you need to get rid of the big bad guy, but you won’t be able to kill it. Instead, hop on your hover bike, fall down to the ledge where he’s at and try to drive into him and push him in the direction of the cliff’s edge. It just takes a nudge to throw that motherf***er off the cliff and then brag about “killing” a level 22 enemy. It is TRUE, you did kill it, just don’t shed any details to your friends and they’ll see you as the ultimate killing machine, offering you their tribute and women.

So there you have it. Now you know how to survive Old Russia, kick-ass in the Crucible, loot golden chests, activating dead ghosts and mess up a level 22 monster’s life. The rest is up to you, Guardian.


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