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access_time July 18, 2014 at 2:07 PM in News by Charlie Grammer

PlayStation Plus battles: NA vs. EU (week of 7/17/2014)

PlayStation Plus users receive a discount on PS4 title Crimsonland 2.

North American PlayStation Plus users receive a discount on PS4 title Crimsonland 2.

The two regions step back into the ring, each aiming to end the tiebreaker in their favor. With one win apiece, the fights scheduled for this week and next are going to be the deciding factors.

The EU starts off, slamming their fist into NA’s face with a 30% discount off of Abyss Odyssey before leaping back and going on the defensive. The full update can be found here. 

NA shrugs off the blow and retaliates, landing a right hook across the EU’s jaw with Crimsonland (PS4. Regular: $13.99, Sale: $8.99, PS+: $7.19). Unlike the EU, however, NA stays on the offensive, jabbing the EU in the gut three times with EA Sports 2014: FIFA World Cup Brazil (PS3. Regular: $49.99, Sale: $24.99, PS+: $14.99) and Ethan Meteor Hunter (both PS3 and Vita versions. Both regular: $9.99, both sale: $6.99, both PS+: $4.89). They wrap things up with a powerful uppercut in the form of That Trivia Game (Regular: $9.99, PS+: $6.99). The full update can be found here.

The EU tries to get up as the referee reaches the eight count, but their arms give out, sending them back to the mat as the referee reaches ten. With this, NA has achieved a decisive victory over their opponents. That said, can they win again next week, or will the EU manage to force another tiebreaker?

We’ll find out soon, but for now, happy gaming!



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