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access_time July 18, 2014 at 10:55 AM in PC/Mac by Ramon Aranda

DICE opens up about the Battlefield: Hardline single-player


Taking to the Battlefield community blog, DICE has today decided to talk about the single-player mode in Battlefield: Hardline.

According to the developer, the idea of having cops and criminals gives them “the opportunity to do something completely different than what’s bee done on the past.” They are aiming to make the world of Hardline more relatable and something that looks similar to a TV crime drama.

Gamers should expect more tactical choices in the game, as opposed to just simply gunning and running, and DICE gave an example of some decisions that players might need to make in the campaign, such as:

-Do I grapple and zipline past these guys, or try to get through on the ground?

-Do I intimidate this guy into giving up or go for the Taser?

-That guy has a warrant on him, and I could use the cash. Do I take him down here or get his flunkies first?

-How many bullets do I have left in this gun? Do I feel lucky? Well, do I?

The developer has teamed up with some TV talent such as director Bill Johnson and Narrative Consultant Wendy Calhoun, who both come from Justified, while actors from True Detective, CSI Miami, The Shield, Law and Order, and other cop shows are in the game.


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