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Sakurai teases Rayman, reveals two Fire Emblem characters instead


Earlier Monday morning, a mysterious Rayman trophy was posted to Miiverse, which was more or less meant to throw fans off the scent of the real character reveal later in the day. At 7AM PST Monday morning, straight from the Smash Bros website, we were given a trailer in the Fire Emblem Awakening cutscene style, and the theme of fire seemed to work all throughout as Lucina was revealed as our newest Fire Emblem representative. Though the fire was just getting started, as not only did we get a confirmation that Captain Falcon was returning (was there ever any doubt?), but we were also treated to a second Fire Emblem Awakening newcomer in the form of Robin, aka “My Unit” or “The Avatar”, as Robin was the player’s custom character throughout the game.


Chrom was the one that a lot of fans were expecting, but in a surprise twist, he was given the role of support as he seems to be a part of Robin’s final smash attack. Robin brings a Levin sword into the fray, which is basically a sword with electric properties from the Fire Emblem series. This is cool, but what I’m excited about is that they finally tapped the potential of the magic users in the Fire Emblem series, as Robin also uses tomes, bringing with him the various spells from the Fire Emblem franchise. It’s not yet clear how it works, but the tomes seem to hold different levels of the magic attacks (ie Thunder, Elthunder, Arcthunder, Thoron), and over the course of their use, they will lose durability and eventually be discarded.

Looking at how Lucina plays, it’s still a bit difficult to figure out how different she is from our other blue haired swordsmen of Fire Emblem fame, but at least they went with the goal of making the cast more diverse, giving us another female representative, especially when the Fire Emblem series has so many to choose from. Speaking of female representation, in an unsurprising, but still very welcome move, Robin is also given a female alt, allowing players to be either male or female just like in Fire Emblem awakening.


And of course, we can’t forget about the Captain. Arguably, no other character can be considered a staple to this franchise more than Captain Falcon. With moves created specifically for the series and with catchphrases galore, it would not be Super Smash Bros. without Captain Falcon showing you his moves.


I have to say though, it’s still very strange. Don’t get me wrong, I love the character reveal we got today, but seeing the Rayman trophy on Miiverse poses an interesting theory. Will we be seeing Rayman as a playable character? If not, what other reason was given for Ubisoft to put their icon into the game’s set of trophies? Do we have another representative from Ubisoft? Maybe a Raving Rabbid, though personally I would prefer it to be Rayman. Let us know in the comments what you think, and feel free to enjoy the beautiful trailer for the character reveal we got today.

Illustration by Yusuke Kozaki

Illustration by Yusuke Kozaki


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